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Global Awards Announces Two Specialized Executive Juries: Pharma(Rx) and Health & Wellness

The Global Awards℠  announced the creation of two specialized Executive Juries for the 2017 competition: Pharma(Rx) and Health & Wellness. These equal and separate juries will judge submissions from each exclusive designation providing each jury the opportunity to cover the world of healthcare advertising in its entirety and with complete fairness. 

“We always have our ear to the ground and are monitoring how we can improve the Global Awards,” said Fran Pollaro, executive director of the Global Awards. “We acknowledge and understand that these two creative worlds are both striving for the highest level of creativity and innovation, but we also know that each are playing with a very different set of rules, creating two specialized juries provides the assurance that entrants from both designations will be given the attention they deserve.”

“There’s an important movement taking place and the Global Awards is helping to lead the way. We have to protect and celebrate our industry, which is primarily driven by the work we do for pharmaceutical products and clients,” said Global Awards co-chair Robin Shapiro, global president, TBWAWorldHealth. “Pharma work has its own very unique set of expectations, rules, and regulations. We’re creating two juries in recognition of this important difference. We will never lower our standards but we must celebrate the work that drives our industry and our agencies.”

“We’re very excited to establish two juries so that each will have the opportunity to focus on what’s best in its respective category,” said Global Awards co-chair Elizabeth Elfenbein, partner and chief creative officer, the Bloc. “By allowing work in each category to be assessed against what matters and what’s meaningful in that particular environment, we aim to simplify the debate around what great looks like.”

The Pharma(Rx) and Health & Wellness Executive Juries will be comprised of award-winning chief creative officers and executive creative directors from prominent healthcare advertising agencies around the globe. The Global Awards jury selection process ensures that each entry is judged by renowned international talent with global knowledge and perspective from the industry. The 2017 Executive Jury will be announced in the coming weeks.

“A Global Award has always been a tough honor to bring home and will continue to be highly competitive,” said Pollaro, “but we believe that this update levels the playing field and improves the chances for many.”

In addition to the Grand Jury’s online judging sessions and the Executive Jury live sessions in New York City, the Global Awards organizes judging sessions around the globe to review digital based works and collateral materials that support a campaign and which cannot be judged online. These global live sessions are hosted at prominent international healthcare communication agencies and provide jurors the opportunity to examine in detail multi-paged works including: sales kits, direct mail, brochures, point of purchase displays, and annual reports.

The 2017 Global Award winners will be announced this November 16th and will be showcased at awards ceremonies in New York City and Sydney, Australia. The 2017 Global Awards ceremony will take place on Thursday, November 16th at New York Academy of Sciences in New York City.

The deadline for entries is August 15, 2017. To Enter or to download the 2017 Global Awards entry kit please visit: https://www.theglobalawards.com/call-for-entries/. To view a complete list of the 2017 Global Awards categories please visit the Global Awards Entry Kit.

For 23 years, the international Global Awards has honored the World’s Best Healthcare & Wellness Advertising℠ and has served as a touchstone for celebrating creative achievement in healthcare and wellness communications beyond the barriers of language and culture.

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