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Young Globals Award Winners/Internships Announced

Columbia College Chicago Students Erica Barringer, Cassie Benedict and Eric Kahl Earn the 2016 Young Global Award

The Global Awards℠  announced the 2016 Young Globals Student Competition & Internship award winners. Launched in 2014 to identify and recognize emerging creative talent from around the world, Young Globals introduces students to the rewards of working in the healthcare and wellness advertising industry.

Young Globals student winners will receive the prestigious Global Award as well as a paid internship with Global Awards agency partner sponsors, greyhealth group and Havas Health & You for a minimum of one month, based on their availability.

The 2016 Young Global Award Winning Team:

Feed Your Future: Columbia College Chicago, USA

Erica Barringer: Art Direction 

Cassie Benedict: Copywriter

Eric Kahl: Concept / Strategy

The winning entry “Feed Your Future” was inspired by a creative brief  to create a campaign for a (fictional) leading maker of diabetes medications to raise awareness about the link between unhealthy food choices, childhood obesity and type2 diabetes.

Columbia College student/Art Director, Erica Barringer had this to say about her team’s success.  “I could not be more proud of my team and myself. Not only was this whole experience a truly thrilling, but it was a real creative challenge that we were able to find an engaging solution and successfully stand out among the rest. That is a prize in itself and receiving an internship at one of these top global advertising agencies is icing on the cake! I have much to absorb and much to show for at an internship like this that will help propel me into my future career. I can’t wait to start!”

Students were interviewed about their campaign by Young Globals sponsoring agencies’ award-winning executives, Gary Scheiner, EVP, Chief Creative Officer of greyhealth group and Beth Sabbatini, EVP, Executive Creative Director of H4B Chelsea. Representatives from the sponsoring agencies commented on merits of the innovative award-winning campaign.

“The Feed Your Future campaign captured our attention immediately. It focused on Body Positive messaging, which is highly relevant in today’s world of social media. The team addressed the wide target audience by using high school students as mentors to work with younger elementary school children. They understood how to reach Gen Z—by speaking their language—and creating a snapchat filter and then gamifying it. The winning campaign was ultimately brought to life over a multichannel experience that was beautifully executed,” said Ms. Sabatini, EVP/Executive Creative Director for H4B Chelsea. “We are excited to bring these talented students into our internship programs, and are looking forward to the fresh perspective they will bring to our agency and healthcare advertising.”

“What I liked about the Feed Your Future campaign was that the team had a real insight that they turned into an actionable idea,” said Mr. Scheiner. “They laid out their story in a very logical and compelling way. But what elevated it above the pack to me was that they didn’t just create an advertising campaign. They created a sustainable behavior change program that was actually doable. And that is one of the hardest things to do in marketing.”

The winning Young Globals team will begin their internships this summer at H4B Chelsea New York – Cassie Benedict; greyhealth group New York – Erica Barringer, and TBWAWorldHealth Chicago – Eric Kahl.

The annual Young Globals competition accepts entries from students at the university level (including portfolio centers) who are studying advertising, marketing, art, design, creative writing or similar areas of creative focus.

The Young Globals winning team’s Professor, Laurence Minsky, Associate Professor, Communication & Media Innovation, Columbia College Chicago commented on the importance of the Young Globals and its goal to provide an opportunity for young creatives in the healthcare and wellness advertising industry.“I want my students to understand the implications of their work, both good and bad.  If an advertising campaign is successful, then it’s creating perceptional and behavioral changes.  And those changes can be for the betterment of health and wellness as well as society overall. The Young Globals helps me achieve that goal as well as reinforces the fact that there are creative and rewarding career opportunities beyond the key area where most students focus — consumer advertising.” 

“I’m extremely proud of my students.  They pulled their campaign together in four days and it shows the power of collaboration and focus. They all show great promise and I believe they will all go far.”

The Young Global Award winners will accept their trophies at the 2017 Global Awards ceremony taking place in November of 2017. The 2017 Young Globals competition will open on August 1st, 2017. To learn more about the Young Globals competition click: here.

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