23 Jun 2024 06:19

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The MedTech Expo returns to Lions Health

To showcase next generation technologies transforming healthcare

The Lions Health MedTech Expo, in partnership with Omnicom Health Group, returns to Cannes Lions for a second year to showcase the most innovative companies in medical technology from around the world. The installation runs from 17-18 June inside the Palais des Festivals.

Areas of focus in this future-facing exhibition include: Virtual & Augmented Reality; Data-Driven Healthcare solutions; Robotics; Artificial Intelligence; Voice Recognition Technology and Social Media for Healthcare.

“The medical sector is advancing rapidly. With each turn, new technologies push the industry further and challenge current practices and products. Lions Health is a catalyst for ideas and change in healthcare creative communications, and the MedTech Expo is a great opportunity to bring the technology disruptors face to face with the industry they serve,” said Louise Benson, Executive Festival Director, Lions Health.

Applications are reviewed by experts within the industry to ensure that the companies at the exhibition are at the most cutting-edge of technology and are changing the way global healthcare is delivered.

Confirmed exhibitors at this year’s installation include Google, IBM Watson, Twitter and GMR Marketing, with more to be announced in the coming month.

Google will be featuring many of the latest creative technologies and their applications; including Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Conversational Interfaces. “We are excited to return for a second year as part of Omnicom’s MedTech Expo to feature a number of technologies for attendees to see and experience”, said David Blair, Head of Industry, Health, Google.

IBM Watson, the pioneering cognitive system enabling a partnership between people and computers, has grown in authority since winning a Gold Lion at Cannes Lions in 2011. Delegates will encounter this innovative technology as it moves into the healthcare space.

Twitter will showcase a selection of innovative healthcare sector campaigns that have found a home on the social networking platform to facilitate communication with patients, caregivers and physicians, covering everything from compelling disease state awareness to patient advocacy.

“We’re excited to return to Cannes Lions Health this year. The intersection of technology and creativity is extremely exciting in the Health and Wellness sector at this moment in time. This exhibition highlights the best of the best and we are thrilled to be part of it,” said Mary Ann Belliveau, National Director of Health and Wellness, Twitter.

GMR Marketing is an innovative global sponsorship and experiential leader, connecting brands and their consumers through shared passions. GMR specialises in live activations and technology innovations, such as virtual reality and augmented reality. By bringing unique applications of these innovative platforms to the healthcare space, GMR will help healthcare stakeholders advance and enrich patient and professional education.

“Omnicom Health Group is again the proud sponsor of the annual MedTech Expo. We continue to see the dramatic impacts that our world-class technology partners are having on digital health and transforming healthcare communications. We are delighted to bring these advancements to Lions Health through the MedTech Expo,” said Jo Ann Saitta, Chief Digital Officer, Omnicom Health Group.

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