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Google unveils ‘enhanced features’ for fans to enjoy the 2016 Olympic Games

Discover the latest updates, event schedules, medal count, and trending athletes on Search

Relive the action with the majestic event highlights on YouTube

Explore Rio and Olympics venues in Google Maps

Celebrating the buzz and excitement around the Olympic games across the country, Google has unveiled a set of enhanced features to bring alive the Olympic mood among Indian fans. The new set of features will help bring fans closer to knowing more about their favourite athletes and sports disciplines. Fans across the country can even choose to get automatic updates on top event and medal wins.

In celebration of the next chapter in Olympics history, Google is bringing a new set of experiences to help people around the world enjoy the 2016 Games. Here’s some of the unique features that will help users experience the best of these games:

Google Search:   Discover the event schedule, medal counts, results and trending athletes on Search

On Google, when you search for “Olympics” or a similar query, an in-depth search result will be displayed at the top of the Search page or in your Google app, allowing you get information for a specific country, sport, event, or even by athlete.

Pro tip: If you search on the Google app on Android and iOS, you’ll also see an option to get automatic updates on the things you want to keep tabs on during the Games, so you’ll never miss a beat. 

YouTube: View event highlights on YouTube

To give you a glimpse into the Games, watch video highlights on YouTube from official broadcasters in more than 60 countries around the world. And as an added bonus, YouTube is sending 15 top creators to the Games, giving you a taste of what it’s like to be in Rio with mobile live streaming.

Maps: Explore Rio and Olympics venues in Google Maps

With Street View in Google Maps, everyone can enjoy the magic of Rio de Janeiro. Even if you’re a world away, preview the places where the world’s most talented athletes will make history and explore the breathtaking beauty of Brazil.

Search Trends: Keep up to date with the latest search Trends from around the world

To add to the excitement, Google will be showcasing some unique Olympics-based Search Trends and insights with data visualizations.

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