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61%Executives Rank Customer Experience Management ‘HighestPriority’

Heavy proliferation of mobile devices in UAE makes agile remote support critical to customer satisfaction, says Software-as-a-Service firm LogMeIn

Over 61% of survey respondents in the UAE rated ‘customer experience management’the highest priority on their company’s strategic agenda in the lead up to the Expo 2020. Coming in a distant second and third, at just over 16% and 13% respectively, were ‘business efficiencies and organisational agility’ and ‘cost control’. Meanwhile, bringing up the rear was ‘network upgrades’ with only 8% ranking it a priority. According to LogMeIn (NASDAQ:LOGM), creator of the world’s most widely used remote connectivity and support services, the same mobile technologies that have empowered the latest batch of UAE users will shape customer experience management.

“A superior customer experience can serve as a sustainable differentiator, and in today’s digitally powered ecosystem, technology and customer experience are inseparable,” noted Stephen Duignan, Vice President of Global Marketing at LogMeIn.“Everything from a simple inquiry to troubleshooting to problem resolution takes place on the digital sphere.Today’s customers live in a hyper-connected environment, and their expectations from their service and solution providers are scaled up in line with this.”

According to LogMeIn, the mobile-first customer service trend is expected to soar in the UAE: the nation is witnessing an accelerated shift to smartphones – at 78% the UAE’s smartphone penetration ranks the highest in the world .Additionally, as per a recently released connected consumer index ranking , the UAE ranks third in the world in terms of eleven different types of devices used by its population, including smartphones, tablets and mobile PCs. This shift is set to scale up customer expectations of agile, remote support via mobile platforms.

“The growth in mobile devices has profound implications on the interactions between organisations and their customers. Latest support tools can allow technicians to remotely troubleshoot devices without pre-installed software on the user’s end.This can help resolve issues on first contact, scale up customer satisfaction and lower overall support costs,giving providers a competitive edge,” commented Duignan. 

LogMeIn’s survey results further indicated that over 44% respondents felt their company’s current customer support platform did not allow support technicians to remotely connect to, control and troubleshoot their customer’s devices. 

“The quintessential contemporary user in the UAE now expectsa frictionless customer experience, complemented by a speedy, digitally powered resolution. And service and solution providers that can align their services and their support capabilities with changing customer needs stand to gain the most,” concluded Duignan.

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