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2nd Millionaire Summit in Dubai

Best-selling authors, E-commerce gurus, leading Wealth Masters and Successful Entrepreneurs to converge at the two day event

SMEs drivers of innovation, host majority of employment opportunities in UAE and provide 86 per cent of all private sector employment.

The 2nd Millionaire Summit will be held in Dubai on April 24th and 25that The Address Hotel, Dubai Marina. The event will have the presence of best-selling authors, e-commerce gurus, millionaire entrepreneurs, sales and marketing specialists from around the world, who will share their top tips and insights with the attendees. The event will primarily focus on the SME sector, as per Dubai Economic Department (DED) figures, more than 22,000 small businesses were established in Dubai last year, despite emerging economic headwinds. DED estimates that the number of small and medium-sized enterprises jumped by 18 per cent last year compared to 2014.

This exclusive 2-day event is for individuals serious about starting or growing a business, scaling a business, or creating wealth through strategic investment. The event is aimed to help aspiring entrepreneurs, small start-ups, SMEs, business owners, directors, investors, thought leaders, executive managers, established entrepreneurs, strategic advisors and business specialists and will help them new ideas for growth.

“Millionaire Summit isn’t an academic or theory-based conference, it provides new and innovative business solutions and actionable and practical strategies. It’s a place where like-minded individuals, whether they have small plans or big plans, come together to learn from the experts, meet others and take their dreams one step closer. Our Wealth Masters take the audience through the four Cornerstones of Wealth – Business Strategy, Sales & Marketing, Scaling and Growth, and Profit Maximisation. People not only leave with strategies, systems and new knowledge – they take away a powerful understanding of entrepreneurial thinking and the millionaire mindset” said Oksana Tashakova, Founder of Wealth Dynamics Unlimited and the organizer of Millionaire Summit.

“Constant innovation is the rule of business today. Contrary to what most believe, it is SMEs-not large corporations-that are the most potent drivers of innovation and are responsible for a lion’s share of new patents and ideas. SMEs host majority of employment opportunities in UAE and provide 86 per cent of all private sector employment. With an ear to the ground, more direct contact with consumers, and less constrained by bureaucracy or beholden to any one process or technology, small and medium enterprises are the disruptors and trendsetters in a business environment where change is the only constant”, added Oksana.

Few of the speakers at the Millionaire Summit include: 

Pat Mesiti: Author of How to Have a Millionaire Mindset and eight other best-selling books, Pat is a Performance Expert and Income Acceleration Coach that is committed to creating 10,000 millionaires with his work. Pat has shared the stage with top coaches, entrepreneurs and leaders such as Sir Richard Bransonand Robert Kiyosaki. At the Millionaire Summit 2016, Pat will share insights into the millionaire mindset and the keys to unleashing personal potential.

Steven Essa: Webinar Marketing Authority Steven Essa has generated more than $50,000,000 in sales for himself and his clients with his Webinator automation system. Steven explains how to multiply wealth not work by harnessing the income potential of webinars and webinar automation.

Mal Emery: Mal is a well-known out-of-the-box author, thinker and entrepreneur. His “Street Smart” strategies have been used successfully for online marketing and determining true value, especially by those in his Rebellious Millionaire’s Group. This no-nonsense serial entrepreneur and multi-millionaire owns one of the largest and most successful coaching and consulting businesses in the world and will share his success secrets at the Millionaire Summit 2016.

Brent Eaton is an energetic and multi-talented entrepreneur involved in many businesses. He can show you how easy it is to create and grow a secondary income., Brent is a director at the highly-rated digital consulting agency – Sales Sauce and also a foreign currencies trader.

Julio DeLaffite: Julio is one of the most sought-after investment educators and business mentors inAustralia. Networking is the fertilizer of innovation and Julio’s Unstoppables movement helps business owners and investors reach the next level through the power of collaboration. At the Millionaire Summit 2016, Julio will teach attendees how to spot opportunities most people miss and build winning partnerships and portfolios.

Paul O’Mahony is an international speaker and expert on digital marketing, marketing psychology and mindset for companies and individuals. He has trained thousands of people worldwide how to get the max from their marketing including those in the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. If you’re looking to build your business with marketing, this is the guy who can show you how to do it without the worries.

Oksana Tashakova: Founder of Wealth Dynamics Unlimited and the Ultimate Employee to Entrepreneur Transformation System™, Oksana is an established coach, published columnist and the host of the Millionaire Summit. Committed to helping everyone discover their inner entrepreneur and the strategies to thrive instead of simply survive, this Personal Branding Expert and Business Startup Strategist helps aspiring and existing business owners to build, market and leverage their brand to become millionaire entrepreneurs.

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