12 Jul 2024 22:24

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Café Rider’s Dmitriy Griekhov to represent UAE in the World Barista Championship in 2015

Dmitriy, of Café Rider in Dubai frothed his way past scrutinizing international judges and elite competition to win the prestigious 2014 UAE Barista Championship at the International Coffee and Tea Festival, which took place at the Meydan Convention Centre.  This is Dmitriy’s chance to put the UAE on the world stage of coffee making, when he competes in Seattle next April.

“I work with specialty coffee every day at Café Rider and first of all understand the concept and idea of specialty coffee. Every single origin or blend has it’s own story, which I can share with my guests. And basically that’s what I did on the stage, just shared all the information about my coffee. Coffee knowledge, very good technical skills and passion for what you do are the main aspects to be a great barista” says Dmitriy.

“The coffee used for the competition was actually a gift from two customers, now great friends, who sourced it from one of the top USA coffee roasters. The coffee was produced by Suke Quto farm in Guji Zone, Southern Ethiopia, which is one of the best places in the world to grow coffee. The very rich, but at the same time very balanced flavor profile was the main reason for me to represent it in the national championship“ adds Dmitriy.

“Proud is an understatement,” says Nicky Moulvi, owner of Café Rider when asked about Dmitriy’s performance. “He drew in the crowds and was impressive to watch. After his presentation, spectators unexpectedly lined up to have a taste of his signature coffee creation.” 

“The competition was fierce with 15 top baristas from coffee bars across the nation.  Café Rider were thrilled to be part of it,“ says Nicky.  “Obviously we are stoked for the World Championships in Seattle next April and we will do our very best to bring the title home to the UAE.”

Café Rider is a specialty coffee bar which sources and serves coffees from all over the world and uses local roasters.  Almost any coffee creation one could imagine can be made here.

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