23 Jun 2024 04:46

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Dubai Quality Group concludes the assessment process of its 3rd UAE Ideas Conference & Award 2014

Dubai Quality Group today announced the closure of the assessment of over 130 participation submitted for the 3rd UAE Ideas Conference & Awards. The awards ceremony for the winning participants will be held this Thursday, October 30th at The Palace, Downtown Dubai. The awards ceremony will serve as a unique platform to encourage innovation and inspire organizations to invest in human resources aimed at achieving an ideal work environment that stimulates creativity and boosts national ideas.

The awards submissions that closed on the 17th of September; have gone through a rigorous shortlisting process. The 50 qualified submissions were invited to present their ideas before a dedicated judging panel responsible for evaluating the proposal, the method of its application and execution, and most importantly the benefits it will bring to an organization. The ideas were expected to be in line with international standards and best practices. The judges are currently in the final stages of reviewing the shortlisted submissions and will soon announce the winners of the 10 categories.

Badriya Al Tamimi, Managing Director of Dubai Quality Group said: “Every year we celebrate the innovation and ideas of self-motivated individuals from across the UAE. We were amazed by the enthusiasm of the applicants, and their eagerness to see their ideas materialize, for the greater benefits they can bring to their organizations and their communities. We ensure that the competition judging guideline are continuously updated and aligned with international standards, taking into consideration the evolution of the various aspects of the economic and social life,” she continued.

There are 10 categories of the 3rd UAE Ideas Conference & Award 2014, including the following:

1-Innovation in promoting Arabic language

2-Innovation in promoting National Identity

3-Innovation in promoting, encouraging and empowerment of UAE citizens

4-Promoting, marketing and representation of UAE abroad

5-Promoting voluntary and humanitarian work

6-Promoting e-Government

7-Promoting environmental work. (Eco Applications)

8-Promoting business

9-Media coverage of a national initiative

10-Promoting Emirati inventors (Young Inventor and Overall Inventor)

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