LinkedIn just made life easier for salespeople worldwide

In the biggest upgrade to its flagship product for sales professionals since its launch, LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network, has released three new updates for its Sales Navigator product.

The newest service for businesses from LinkedIn is used by companies including Santander, Vodafone, and JLL to find new customers and build their businesses.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a social selling tool that helps sales professionals to target the right buyers and companies, understand what buyers value, and engage buyers with personalized outreach. Whether you are waiting for a meeting, traveling between clients’ offices, or waiting in line for coffee, Sales Navigator gives you access to its key sales features where you need them most.

The new updates include:

·Deeper integration with Salesforce

CRM systems are the lifeblood of many sales professionals and Salesforce is the most widely used. Being able to overlay their customers and prospects from Salesforce onto the LinkedIn network makes it easier for salespeople to stay up-to-date with their customers and prospects as they build relationships.

From today, LinkedIn will use data insights to import only the most relevant contacts into its Sales Navigator product.

·Integration into Gmail

Email is still the major business communication tool. With a new Gmail extension, Sales Navigator users can engage with LinkedIn insights within Gmail as they’re communicating with their contacts.

Users can access all LinkedIn public profile details and public social contact information and can easily save a contact as a lead in Sales Navigator without ever having to leave their inbox. In addition, users can build rapport and find warm introductions by using the Icebreakers and TeamLink sections.

·New insights on mobile for iOS and Android

More than 35 per cent of Sales Navigator users only use the mobile app version. As a result LinkedIn is investing in new features to help sales professionals stay productive on the go.  Users will now be served daily lead recommendations based on their personal preferences.

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