With Netflix expanding its wings what are the top 3 video trends for 2016

Time-shifting is becoming the norm in how consumers watch television programming; online programmers like Netflix are generating their own shows. These are just two changes that are causing ripple effects within the video space. Here are three trends to watch for 2016.

Video compression technology and delivery

“We’ll see video compression become increasingly important as more and more brands and advertisers look to video to better engage their target consumers,” said Doug Conely, Chief Strategy Officer, Exponential. “This is especially true now that video ad data load is a mainstream topic. Additionally, ads for mobile will see a huge bump in 2016.”

Retargeting and last view attribution become more important

“Just like we saw in 2015, these two topics will remain top-of-mind. Even as the industry matures and the cost and complexity of multi-touch attribution decreases. Multi-touch attribution will remove the distinction between brand performance and brand engagement. It will just be the advertising effectiveness of prospecting activity versus personalized remarketing. This means that advertising will need to execute active attention strategies to encourage people to spend time interacting with brand content. Or, advertisers can rely on passive exposure with creativity, frequency, and targeting such that a message is display to a person with enough frequency and quality that there are measurable return on spend effects,” said Conely.

Finding new ways around ad blocking

“Ad blocking in various forms is with us permanently, so businesses need to focus on quality content and services with “fewer, bigger, better” ads where better ads as a powerful combination of superior audience targeting, engaging creative, and user interactive. Advertising will continue to fund media,” said Conely.

Sourced by: BizReport

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