Google announces new ad targeting tool

Google has announced a new tool that will enable marketers to upload a list of email addresses to help target ads across paid search on the engine, YouTube and Gmail.

Back in 2013, Google launched Remarketing Lists for Search Ads, based on keyword intent. Soon, however, marketers will be able to target people based on a new tool called Customer Match.

The new tool will allow marketers to upload their email list which can then be matched to users who are signed in. The service seeks out customers who share similar interests with the customers that are already on the advertiser’s list. According to Google’s announcement on the AdWords blog, this will be done in a “secure and privacy-safe way”.



Customer Match is not too dissimilar to Facebook’s Custom Audiences or Twitter’s Tailored Audiences and its goal is the same – to boost ad relevance on Gmail, YouTube and the search engine.

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