Is your brand welcome on social media?

Too many, too sales-y, too trivial and often irrelevant – that’s what many consumers think of brands’ social media activity according to research commissioned by Headstream Research.

Effective targeting and personalization on social media is still a long way off for some brands who continue to clog up users’ newsfeeds with content that frustrates.

Almost 3 in 10 consumers surveyed for Headstream said their number one source of frustration was brands who post too many updates (29%), with about the same number (27%) citing social updates that were irrelevant or not personalized.

Facebook was cited as the social network most people (56%) feel comfortable with when engaging with a brand, while Twitter was in second place with 24% followed by Instagram (17%) and YouTube (16%).

“Given that many brands spend so much time and effort on their social media strategies, there are still gaps when it comes to effective targeting and personalization – plus there are some companies that still unwisely seem to favor quantity over quality,” said Headstream managing director Steve Sponder.

“Brands that succeed on social media know where to find the right audiences as well as the right conversations. These platforms can form an essential part of a broader content strategy, but it’s about far more than generating likes and followers. Some of the most effective social updates involve both stories and advocacy from fellow consumers.”

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