Facebook key for ecommerce

A new report out from G/O Digital indicates Facebook may be the key for brands in the online space. According to their research about half of consumers said discounts or incentives that they saw on Facebook influenced them to visit a web or mobile site.

Facebook may be driving more than retailers and other small businesses know. According to G/O Digital’s report Harnessing the Power of Facebook for Small Business half (51%) of consumers say they’ve been influenced to visit a website because of discounts or other incentives they first say on the social network.

The research also shows:

•73% say Facebook is ‘where they expect’ to find SMBs on social media

•34% prefer Facebook ads to be targeted based on their interests

•15% prefer Facebook targeting to be location-based

•60% say coupons/promotions influence them to click-thru to a website

•Fewer than 15% say testimonials or photos/videos influence them to click

“It’s clear that a tectonic shift is taking place in the marketing and advertising industry, whereby social media carries just as much influence over purchase intent, if not more, than other forms of marketing such as SEO, PPC and mobile marketing, for small and medium-sized businesses,” says Raghav Mathur, Vice President of Strategy & Business Development, G/O Digital. “The road to success on Facebook is not an easy one and requires a well thought-out plan that balances both quality content and targeted advertising. That’s why building a strategy grounded in a customer-centric approach and long-term ROI – not a singular campaign – is key in positioning businesses to grow, compete and thrive, year after year.”

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