Google reveals 4.7% uptick in proportion of mobile-friendly websites

Google’s recent mobile-friendly algorithm changes can not have escaped digital marketers’ attention. But has the search engine seen an uptick in the proportion of websites that are now mobile-friendly?

On 20th April, Google’s long-awaited algorithm began to roll out. The changes ensure the results users get are mobile-friendly. Website owners have had a lot of warning about Google’s recent deadline so those who have not yet put in place the criteria highlighted by the search engine have little cause for complaint.

A day after the deadline, Google announced that, so far, there has been a 4.7% uptick in the proportion of sites that are mobile friendly. That seems a rather small number considering it spans the two months since Google’s announcement.

The past week has seen an enormous amount of press attention given to the change, so hopefully the next few months will see a more significant uptick in the number of websites that will make the necessary changes.

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