Gain Theory launches globally

Gain Theory, a WPP company, launched today as a marketing foresight consultancy that brings together data, analytics, technology solutions and consumer-insight capabilities. It combines WPP’s intellectual capital in media, marketing, data and technology to create aconsultancy that will help brands make smarter, faster, predictive business decisions.

Gain Theory’s launch couldn’t be timelier. A recent independent qualitative research study highlighted that marketers feel swamped by the sheer volume of data and technology solutions in the marketplace. Marketers also highlighted the need for a partner that would help them navigate this landscape, offering the insight and intelligence required to integrate, predict, plan and model marketing decisions effectively.  

Led by Worldwide CEO Jason Harrison, Gain Theory will address this by providing solutions that tackle a set of pain points faced by marketing and insight professionals today in achieving the desired ROI from their marketing activities. These pain points include: 

• Difficulty discerning actionable information from an expanding set of data and technology

• Confusion around terminology and jargon 

• Multiple answers to a single business question

• The need for faster, smarter predictive insights 

“At Gain Theory, our goal is to give clients the confidence to make the best marketing decisions now and in the future,” said Harrison. “Gain Theory’s predictive analytics and global team of specialists help simplify the process, distilling complex data and providing a holistic perspective to improve marketing results. I’m honored to lead such a dynamic team of smart problem solvers.” 

The company builds off a 40 year heritage of media and marketing measurement excellence to offer a global footprint and unmatched scale to Fortune 500 clients. The Gain Theory team is comprised of 200 world-class marketing effectiveness consultants, analysts, data experts and engineers. This team offers insight-backed recommendations so that brands can adjust their marketing programs for maximum business impact.

Sunder Muthuraman, Worldwide Chief Strategy Officer and CEO APAC, said “At Gain Theory we will offer marketers through bespoke analytical solutions. Our solutions will bring intellectual capital in marketing analytics, big data, technology, media and customer relationship management to drive successful marketing decisions. Our goal is to create a new, independent and unbiased consultancy that will help marketers on the journey from data to outcomes and make smarter, faster predictive marketing decisions.”

He also adds that, Gain Theory service will include a number of new exciting products that will be launched shortly – marketing ROI management platforms;   visual analytics platforms, Customer Engagement management services, marketing forecasting and more.”

With key hubs in New York, London, and Bangalore, the global operations will be supported by Worldwide Chief Operating Officer and CEO EMEA Manjiry Tamhane and Worldwide Chief Strategy Officer and CEO APAC Sunder Muthuraman. 

“There’s no denying that technology today offers us more access to data than ever before but, in doing so it can also create paralysis for companies that need to act quickly,” said Harrison. “As an independent, third-party consultant, Gain Theory is a trusted partner that can help brands move forward confidently with the right marketing strategy”  

Globally, Gain Theory serves a host of premier global businesses across multiple geographies.

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