Zeentree.com ushers in a new era for content production

Launched at Dubai Lynx – Zeentree.com, a simple new ecommerce service transforming brands into publishers of multilingual quality content 

Dubai Lynx today saw the launch of Zeentree.com, a new content production solution that will transform the way brands communicate with their audiences.  Zeentree.com is a fast online service that accelerates any brand to be a publisher of quality and compelling content. Zeentree.com produces authentic digital magazines, packaged in easy-to-buy subscriptions, on any topic and is available in four languages. 

“Zeentree.com helps brands craft compelling great stories, engage audiences, and ultimately impacts on their online visibility.” explains Lee Mancini, Zeentree.com’s Managing Director.  Zeentree.com is developed and run by a group of content experts, editors, journalists and web marketing experts who are experienced in creating high volumes of unique and engaging content for international brands.

“Companies today are increasingly expected to be publishers,” adds Lee, “yet most companies do not have adequate skills, knowledge or resources to produce and deliver quality content. Zeentree.com is a one-stop shop that cuts through all these production issues. The articles are crafted by our in-house team of experienced journalists and delivered according to the company’s needs – essentially plugging a digital magazine into your website. Especially important is that each article comes with Native Advertising, guaranteeing traffic to each article and to your website.” 

Zeentree.com allows brands to effectively position themselves as thought-leaders and as essential go-to sources for information, at a fraction of the costs of traditional publishing. Zeentree.com is aimed at brands, individuals or agencies with a need for regular cost-efficient content in multiple languages, yet lacking content creation resource. 

Explaining the e-commerce model, Lee says, “Zeentree.com is designed to be fast, simple and effective; with a choice of packages available online and the entire purchase process backed by full online customer service designed to make the process of buying, briefing, creating, approving and publishing content to be as efficient as possible and thereby reducing the costs. Subscriptions start from $800 per month for five articles, which is real value for money considering this is original content created by experienced and industry-specialised journalists.”  

Though developed and launched in Dubai, Zeentree.com is aimed at a global market and is suited to any brand that needs to publish frequent high-quality content. “Zeentree.com is a testimony to the entrepreneurship and innovation possible in Dubai. We have developed this entirely locally but with our sights on a global market, particularly UK, US and Asian brands. The need for localized quality content in multiple languages is greatly increasing as brands globalize and Zeentree.com is designed to fill that gap.” adds Lee.

Revealing the force behind Zeentree.com, Lee says, “We do this with powerful propriety technology, a team of world-class native multilingual writing talent based in their home countries, and expertise in content marketing. The team behind Zeentree.com understands how to use the power of content marketing to create brand affinity, build new audiences of potential customers whilst enhancing SEO visibility.”

Zeentree.com differentiates itself from content production agencies due to its pioneering proprietary technology that allows it to directly publish content on a brand’s website, blog or other owned digital platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr with multilingual content available at the same cost as English. Zeentree.com is currently available in English, Arabic, Russian and Chinese with more languages scheduled for later in the year.

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