Aruba Networks launches Wi-Fi solution for all outdoor environments in the Middle East

Aruba Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: ARUN), a leading provider of next-generation network access solutions for the mobile enterprise, brings enterprise-grade gigabit Wi-Fi to the great outdoors for the first time. Ideal for densely occupied public facing enterprises that require high-performance and small cell capabilities, the new Aruba 270 Series Access Points (APs) reset the bar for outdoor Wi-Fi performance, aesthetics and ease of deployment in a form-factor designed to blend into its environment.

The demand for high-performance, enterprise-grade Wi-Fi by mobile hungry users in education and enterprises campuses, large-scale resorts, indoor/open air malls and other high density public venues, has increased dramatically due to the influx of Wi-Fi-enabled mobile devices. Dell’Oro Group, an industry analyst firm, reports that the number of outdoor APs will grow approximately 146 percent from 2013-2018 worldwide according to its January 2014 Wireless LAN 5-year Forecast Report, which represents a significant market opportunity for Wi-Fi vendors. Today, organizations that want to deploy Wi-Fi outdoors are forced to compromise performance, installation efficiency, resiliency or aesthetics. While there are solutions that provide some of these critical attributes, only the Aruba 270 Series APs address all these requirements.

“The Aruba 270 Series is an ideal and cost-efficient gigabit Wi-Fi solution for public facing enterprises, like large hospitality, retail and campuses, looking for high-performance, small cell deployments to service large coverage areas,” said Megdad Al-Qarariah, Senior Consulting Engineer  for Aruba Networks Outdoor Solutions. “The result is an improved mobile broadband experience without having to wait for licensed small cells to mature.”

Inconspicuous Design Blends into its Environment

Education institutions to large public facing enterprises have strict requirements on design and form factor. APs with large antennas, exposed wiring and large enclosures are not permitted in many organizations and municipalities. Aruba solved this challenge by developing a compact element-resistant enclosure for the Aruba 270 Series with no exposed antennas or wiring. The result is a solution that is no more obtrusive than a modern video surveillance camera.

Gigabit Performance for the Speed of Business

Existing enterprise-grade outdoor APs are built on the prior-generation 802.11n technology. While this may be sufficient for basic connectivity, modern enterprises and large public venues require gigabit Wi-Fi to support new 802.11ac-enabled devices, performance sensitive applications and a higher density of devices, solving the capacity issues confronting IT. The Aruba 270 Series maximizes performance on both the 5GHz and 2.4GHz bands delivering true gigabit speeds. Performance gains are not limited to 802.11ac devices; the Aruba 270 Series APs also enable existing 802.11n clients to operate up to three-times faster, achieving a higher transmission rate at the same range. When coupled with Aruba ClientMatch™ technology, users are able to realize the full potential of 802.11ac with predictable performance as they roam across their facilities.

Simplified Installation for Rapid Deployment

The Achilles heel for many outdoor Wi-Fi solutions is its complexity and cost to install. Organizations must not only run multiple exposed cables and wiring for connectivity from the AP back to the switch, but they are also are also forced to use complex mounting brackets and AC power to operate heating elements and fans. These added installation requirements for each AP increases deployment times impeding productivity and adding overhead costs. Aruba 270 Series APs remove installation complexity by offering single-screw mounting brackets, integrated connector and antenna enclosure, and dual PoE+ and AC powering options in a single unit. The result is a simple and cost efficient solution that reduces install time by up to 75 percent.

Highly Resilient for All Environments

A key concern with any outdoor AP is its ability to withstand constant precipitation, high humidity and a range of temperatures. Many WLAN vendors require fans for cooling and heating elements to prevent equipment failure. Purpose-built to survive the harshest outdoor environments, Aruba 270 Series APs withstand exposure to extremely high and low temperatures (-40 to +150 degrees Fahrenheit), persistent moisture, and are fully sealed to keep out airborne contaminants. Since there are no fans, moving parts or heating elements, this eliminates the possibility of failure on those ancillary parts ultimately improving reliability.

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