16 Jul 2024 20:45

Advertising & Marketing

ISL: The Lyft Luck Machine

An antidote to marketing apathy

Lyft came to ISL with a challenge: incoming college students are more likely to use Uber than Lyft. They wanted to change that. 

Knowing their audience and their apathy toward traditional marketing tactics, Lyft and ISL opted to create a larger than life slot machine to incentivise downloading the Lyft app. 

The Lyft Luck Machine is a giant, Lyft-pink slot machine complete with a massive chrome handle, flashing LEDs, proprietary vending software, custom animations, and much more. College students were able to try their hand at the Lyft Luck Machine for the chance to win awesome Lyft merch and ride discounts, plus two lucky players could win $100 of Lyft credits every day. The catch? Before being able to play, the student had to prove they had the Lyft app downloaded on their phone.

With over 20K in-person impressions of the slot machine, it drove over 288 activations and 2.5K coupon applications.

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