21 Jul 2024 05:45

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BuyAnyCar.com goes Live

Middle East’s Largest Online Used Car Market Place  Goes Live

BuyAnyCar.com offers a safe, free expert-guided viewing  and purchase of pre-inspected motor vehicles

Car ownership in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is set to become much easier following the launch of ‘BuyAnyCar.com’.

Three days after going live, BuyAnyCar.com has over 17,000 cars already listed for sale on the portal making it the largest in the Middle East for pre-inspected cars. Over 40 percent of the entire car population in UAE has already registered with SellAnyCar.com which is the exclusive source of cars for buyanycar.com.

BuyAnyCar.com’s entry into the region’s used car market is largely expected to disrupt the used car market going by the ease, at which people can now search, identify and buy a car that fits their budget.

BuyAnyCar.com founder and chief executive officer, Saygin Yalcin said, “Buying a used car has always been associated with a long, tedious and stressful process. Anyone buying a car can now confidently and quickly search from one of the widest used car collections, view and purchase a car of their choice within the shortest time possible.”

The new online car trading portal sources used cars directly from the sellers. This, according to Yalcin, makes it possible for the platform to offer the most competitive car deals in the region.

“The company is buying used cars through its SellAnyCar.com platform. It would later sell the cars exclusively to dealers. However, due to mounting pressure from individual buyers, the company decided to launch BuyAnyCar.com, giving people a choice of buying directly from them” says Yalcin.

People looking to purchase a car through BuyAnyCar.com will be spared the agony of missed viewing appointments, awkward test drives and the uncertainty that comes with dealing with total strangers.

Buyers will have at their disposal a qualified and professional car buying assistant who guides them through the entire process at any of the 17 locations.

From the BuyAnyCar.com website, prospective car buyers can also see the full car inspection report and if they are satisfied, they can go ahead and book a viewing date convenient to them. They can also skip the viewing stage and go straight to bidding and begin their buying process guided by an expert who will, in turn, take care of all the paperwork.

BuyAnyCar.com guarantees that the title is transferred to the buyer as soon as the transaction is complete, and the payment is wired to the seller’s bank account.

The easy-to-navigate the platform also delivers the car to its new owner’s desired location at no extra cost and guarantees an RTA test.

Lastly, any buyer who wishes to sell his car can do it using SellAnyCar.com, which will guarantee to purchase it within 30 minutes – in any condition, any make, any model, even if it is damaged or financed.

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