21 Jul 2024 05:39

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Publicis Sapient appoints Nigel Vaz as Global CEO

Publicis Sapient is making two major announcements today, positioning the company for growth through a focus on global digital business transformation opportunities; the ongoing delivery of best-in-class capabilities across strategy and consulting, experience, and engineering; and the attraction and development of the best industry talent: 

·Publicis Sapient unveils a global rebrand, becoming the brand under which it serves its clients’ transformation needs.

·Effective immediately, Nigel Vaz will become the global Chief Executive Officer of Publicis Sapient

These announcements are designed to advance Publicis Sapient’s position as a leader in the digital business transformation space and deliver consistency across global markets and industries. Further, they signal Publicis Groupe’s on-going commitment to placing consulting, creativity and technology at the service of our clients’ transformation, to advance their business performance and sustained market relevance during a time of unprecedented digital disruption.

Publicis Sapient acknowledges that the market has been talking about Digital Business Transformation for some years now but most brands are now just realising the full value. 

While a vast majority of companies today are still focusing on “digital bolt-on” strategies, meaning adding new digital technology to their existing businesses (Digitisation), very few companies are actually disrupting their businesses or reimagining the future of their businesses (Business Model Innovation), which is the holy grail of Digital Business Transformation.

Unfortunately, the focus on the former (Digitisation strategy) by most brands and their partners (service providers in their transformation journey) are tied to their current business state only which in reality needs a significant paradigm shift and a fundamentally different approach to help thrive in the future. 

The important element in transforming any business from its current to future state needs a fundamentally “different approach” which we, at Publicis.Sapient are committed to delivering for our clients. This “different approach” is the “HOW” or the space between Next (future state) and Now (current state) that brands needs to do to become digitally enabled and competitive to lead in the future.

Publicis Sapient revised brand proposition positions itself as the bold (creative), agile, disruptive, customer-centric partner that organisations need today to help them lead in the future. As a brand which itself has evolved over the last three decades and helped clients with progressive thinking and innovation, Publicis Sapient has a significantly different approach to transformation compared to the traditional ways that the Consultancies have offered over the years. 

Publicis Sapient’s unique outside-in and holistic approach to Transformation. Given its integrated and multidisciplinary capabilities across strategy & consulting, experience and engineering, we provide a unique view and approach of both the company and the customer for an end to end transformation (across Front Stage, Digital Customer Experience and Back Stage). Only a fundamentally different approach (a jointed view of the business and the customer) will help businesses accelerate their transformation journey, create value quickly and seize competitive advantage to help position them well for the future.

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