21 Jul 2024 04:16

Advertising & Marketing

THE LIST partners with BitBay Pay

THE LIST, the Dubai-based pioneering ecommerce company, is launching a cryptocurrency payment service in partnership with BitBay Pay as the first luxury fashion mobile platform globally.

The integrated payment gateway allows customers using THE LIST App to pay with Bitcoins and in a second step with over 20 additional cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Ether, Lisk, Tron and Ripple, to purchase unique luxury fashion and lifestyle products from the world’s best boutiques.

Easy, fast and extraordinarily secure transactions, direct peer-to-peer exchanges as well as low transaction fees are the key benefits of cryptocurrency and make it the preferred payment method of the new generation of luxury shoppers.

With the number of bitcoin users expected to exponentially grow from currently less than 10 million to more than 200 million by 2024 and global mobile payment revenue estimated to already reach more than $1 trillion in 2019, THE LIST firmly believes in cryptocurrency being the future of online spending. “Due to the growth of e-commerce and the high mobile penetration digital payment solutions have experienced significant growth. We see cryptocurrency as an enduringly relevant currency, not just a trend,” says THE LIST Founder and CEO Andreas Skorski.

Through its strategic partnership with BitBay Pay THE LIST is now first mover globally in offering crypto payment in the luxury space and enables customers to conveniently shop without having to enter any card information, but by simply sending a direct payment from the wallet app on their phone with just one click.

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