21 Jul 2024 04:20

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DAVID The Agency: Whopper neutrality

The perfect recipe of entertainment and education

QSR (quick service restaurants) in the U.S. is one of the most competitive industries in the world. Burger King competes in an industry dominated by one competitor, McDonald’s (three times in size and share of voice), and flanked by another, Wendy’s, vying for second place. In order to remain competitive against such odds, Burger King has to find creative ways to punch above its weight and budget. 

DAVID were tasked with using earned media to draw attention to the iconic Whopper and to exemplify Burger King’s core brand value of inclusivity.

The repeal of Net Neutrality was a timely topic in the US. A decision made by the FCC (Federal Communication Committee), it granted Internet Service Providers the power to control speeds and data on the Internet, having the ability discriminate or charge differently by user, content, website, platform or application.

The issue was complex, and most people didn’t understand the consequences of the repeal.

DAVID used the relatable process of ordering a Whopper to make this otherwise unrelatable and complicated subject easy to understand. An educational video, Whopper Neutrality, was made that used Burger King restaurant’s service and products as a metaphor, and recreated the scenarios that people would experience with the repeal of Net Neutrality. 

The cashiers explained to real and unsuspecting customers how the new policy was affecting speeds and service, how access to the Whopper had been delayed on purpose to promote other products, or that if they wanted faster service they’d have to pay a premium to access slow, fast or hyper fast MBPS (Making Burgers Per Second).

With all the real reactions an online film was created and released just weeks after the repeal of Net Neutrality started.

It was published across Burger King’s social channels, as well as a thread on Reddit where the biggest community of active Net Neutrality supporters lived.

Burger King has described it as its most shared ad of all time.

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