14 Jun 2024 22:32

Advertising & Marketing

Tito is the new Head of Innovation of Biedermann|McCANN

With almost 15 years’ experience in the digital area in advertising, the Brazilian Tiago Ribeiro, also known as Tito has just arrived in Biedermann|McCANN as Head of Innovation.

Tiago Ribeiro began his career in advertising as of copywriter Publicitta magazine next to journalist Carlos Franco; after 2 years working in the publication aimed to creative market. Titus was invited to be part of the team of DIFERi Comunicação de Impacto, where he worked with strategic planning and Digital PR, for clients such as Algar Telecon (mobile telephone Company), and Martins Group, the largest wholesaler group in Latin America, contributing to large portfolio building for the company and contributing to digital maturing of the industry.

In 2010, he created @agencybrazil, a startup geared towards digital convergence and new media, where he created major brand projects in partnership with the largest digital agency in Brazil, and was invited ZOOPPA (USA) consultant, the largest crowdsourcing advertising company of the world, working with major global projects for Diesel, Axe and Coca-cola Company. Following, he began working in Ag2 Publicis Modem group, where he worked with social networks, business intelligence and monitoring for clients such as Nestlé and Brazilian Olympic Committee; he coordinated the social networks nucleus of TVC-Taterka, where he worked for companies like Ronald McDonalds, Ronald McDonald Institute, and Natura; and then he entered in SapientNitro to work with social media as well.

At the end of 2014, he exercised the function of CCO-Chief Culture Officer in lampada.ag, working in the creation and development of a digital culture for activation and promotion projects, before leaving Brazil Tiago Ribeiro was in Pong Dynasty (Flag. The Creative Disruption Network). With a wide experience in strategic planning as in creative process, Tito gave classes in Miami Ad School, launched in London the a global research lab linked to Big Data study, and recently was acting as Head of Social and Digital Networks at Y&R Peru. After leaving his position at Y&R, the publicist departed for a global tour going through several cities such as Istanbul, Lisbon, Madrid and Amsterdam exploring different markets and models.

Before arriving in Paraguay Tiago Ribeiro was working Montevideo  the position as Head of Social Media at Wild-Fi agency. Working with projects operations in Puerto Rico, Panama, Chile, Paraguay, and Argentina.

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