23 May 2024 22:32

Advertising & Marketing

Brandwatch launches instant social research tool to help marketers reach the right audiences

Brandwatch, the world’s premier social intelligence group, today announced a major update to its audience intelligence platform.

The new features let marketers instantly uncover consumer insights based on machine learning and benchmark analysis of the conversations their target audiences are having online.

The upgraded Brandwatch Audiences uses complete, real-time data from the Twitter firehose allowing users to analyze everything their audiences are posting publicly and even click through on any topic or entity to see all the individual Tweets.

“We’re impressed by the speed at which Brandwatch Audiences can construct advanced audience segments based on vast amounts of public Twitter data. It’s exciting to see Brandwatch use our data and APIs to build a product that better enables busy marketers to quickly reach and relate to their audience on Twitter.” – Rob Johnson, Director of Product, Data & Enterprise Solutions at Twitter

As trust in traditional advertising continues to decline, marketers are increasingly investing in more ‘authentic’ channels such as influencer and content campaigns. But as consumers become more suspicious of paid influencers with bought followings and overwhelmed by an oversupply of branded content, these approaches are also wearing thin.

Brandwatch aims to help marketers deliver high-performing, authentic campaigns by building a better understanding of who their customers are. Audiences lets users explore a database of over 326 million Twitter users and open a window onto any group of people to study who and what they’re talking about.

These conversations are all benchmarked to surface insights about what’s unique to the audience, comparing up to a month of conversations to everything posted in that period. Each time searches and components load, they analyze the latest Tweets from Twitter’s hundreds of millions users to surface insights.

What’s more, Audiences can do this all in a matter of seconds.

The platform automatically identifies topics and entities to summarize:

Their topics of conversation broken down by up to 300 different machine learning-derived themes

The celebrities, organizations and micro-influencers that they’re most engaged with

The sites they share links to

The hashtags and emojis they use

And the content they are retweeting or replying to

Brandwatch’s flagship product, Analytics has been the solution of choice for marketers who want the best understanding of what consumers are saying about them online. Audiences reinforces their position as leaders in the market by adding a vast new source of intelligence.

“Our customers want to know more about who they’re selling to,” explains Emelie Swerre, Product Manager at Brandwatch, “they know who they are when they engage with their brand or campaigns, but who are they the other 99.9% of the time? Who influences them? What are they passionate about? How do they communicate online? Now, with Audiences, we can provide these consumer insights at scale almost instantly.”

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