22 Jul 2024 03:11

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Justmop.com Expands into Kuwait

Looking to Replicate UAE Success in Exciting Kuwaiti Market 

Justmop.com, the trendsetting on-demand home services platform founded in the UAE, announced today that it has expanded into Kuwait, citing the young, discerning population as a key driver of this decision.

Over the past 4 years, justmop has established itself as the ‘go to’ option for cleaning services par excellence and it is this client confidence that has prompted their expansion program to go international.  

A cost-effective option with prices starting at 2KWD per hour, justmop currently offers two packages across the country: 5-hour cleaning and 10-hour cleaning.

“The reason for this is that houses in Kuwait are larger than the ones in the UAE where we have a minimum service requirement of 2 hours,” said founder Ali Cagatay Ozcan. “We may offer the original 2 hour option if the market calls for it. We are flexible and reorient based on market demand. In brief, one sentiment guides us: to save time for our customers so they can use it more effectively and leave the cleaning up to us. We want them to come home to a pristine environment after a hard day’s work and feel good about it.  That is our reward.” 

“Our success in the UAE can be attributed to our ability to study markets in-depth, regularly update the service bandwidth and co-relate client feedback to make for a bespoke service, ensuring adjustments as per requirements and demands. We are, therefore, certain that the professional, unobtrusive and efficient service we have perfected will appeal to the discerning audience in Kuwait,” he added.

The company has had a tremendous run in the UAE with annualized gross revenue of more than USD 4Mand over 20% MoM growth in the last 6 months and chose to expand after a fair amount of due diligence.

“We researched the needs and priorities of this market before entering it with our portfolio. For us, feedback and data we receive are paramount and shape our next step in not just being the best but in setting the standard for the cleaning sector,” said Kerem Kuyucu, co-founder of Justmop.

“We went straight from our base in the UAE to Kuwait for a specific reason. The new generation in Kuwait is young and entrepreneurial and has high disposable income. All the right boxes got ticked. Apart from the exciting demographics, the serviceable market size is very attractive which is validated by other online startups’ track records and there are no major barriers to entry. All combined, we were affirmative to launch Kuwait and the initial response has been exciting. We are happy to see that our due diligence was accurate.” he added.

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