12 Jul 2024 22:58

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Zeotap Integrates With Adobe To Make Deterministic Data Accessible To Advertisers

The partnership allows advertisers to make use of zeotap’s high-quality segments through the different Adobe solutions.

Zeotap’s data has been shown to exceed up to 6x market benchmarks on measured demographic On-Target Percentage (OTP) levels.

Berlin, Madrid, Milan, London, Paris, New York, Mumbai, 17th September, zeotap, an independent mobile data platform that unites the world’s most valuable data to fuel growth, today announced that it has completed its integration with Adobe’s – (Nasdaq:ADBE) Audience Manager DMP (Data Management Platform) and Audience Data Marketplace.

In a time where both brands and agencies alike have worked tirelessly to bring their various pools of consumer data together in the past years, DMPs (Data Management Platforms) and Data Marketplaces are on the rise. The partnership between zeotap and Adobe is a reflection of this trend, wherein agencies and brands rely strongly on 3rd party data to complement their own data assets and empower them across the various digital channels. Naturally, advertisers find it relatively easier to collect a set of data on their current customers, whilst being reliant on 3rd parties to complete the picture in other areas and continuously identify promising prospects.

zeotap’s integration with Adobe is in line with an increasing need to base customer research and outreach on the same datasets and the general desire in the market to centralise intelligence. In the past, advertisers’ customer data was largely scattered across various siloes and the partnership is also another major step for zeotap on its way to make its data safely accessible within all relevant environments for its clients. The company is already directly integrated with all major DSPs (demand-side platforms), several global SSPs (supply-side platforms) and numerous major global and local publishers in the market.

As of now, zeotap’s segments can now be pushed as 1st party data to advertisers’ Adobe DMP seats and within the Adobe Audience Marketplace. The partnership applies to all of zeotap’s deterministic and comprehensive socio-demographic, interest and purchase intent data, which are made available in a fully privacy-compliant manner and can be leveraged across insights, modelling and activation use cases within zeotap’s core geographies, Europe, North America and India.

“High-quality 3rd party data providers are scarce in today’s market, but are much needed since a 1st party data only approach is always limited when it comes to prospecting new customers in the short and medium term.” said Daniel Heer, Founder & CEO at zeotap. “The integration between zeotap and Adobe closes that gap by offering accurate and verified data at scale for brands to achieve their performance objectives.”

zeotap data has proven to exceed market benchmarks by up to 6 times on measured demographic On-Target Percentage (OTP) and other key performance indicators. The company has also introduced automated rigid data quality audits on top of its 3-step GDPR compliance audit across all of its data partners to crucially simplify advertisers search for good data and offer guarantees. So far, only 10% of roughly 200 potential data partners have moved through all tests successfully and were allowed to join the platform.

Nevertheless, with a mix of large global and local partners zeotap has by now united over 1 billion comprehensive high-quality data profiles to ensure that campaigns do not only meet or overachieve clients’ qualitative goals but also at the volumes needed to deliver large branded campaigns.

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