24 Jun 2024 17:12

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noon launches graduate and internship programs

noon, the Middle East’s homegrown online marketplace, is on the lookout for the most talented university graduates to join its ranks as the digital platform launches its intern and graduate program. The rapidly growing e-commerce company has just welcomed its first intake of interns to a new tailor-made eight-week program, while in early 2019 it will launch a six-month intensive graduate scheme.

To kick-start the initiative, noon will be visiting local and international universities to talk to students and discuss programs that could propel the talent of the future into a range of top jobs in digital and e-commerce fields. A 2018 joint YouGov/Bayt survey highlighted that nearly a fifth (18%) of all fresh graduates indicated that e-commerce was the most appealing industry for a career.

Hiring local GCC talent to drive the economy contributes to the UAE Vision 2021 as the ‘United In Knowledge’ goals aim to diversify the country’s job market to a knowledge-based economy. noon is also contributing to Saudi Vision 2030 by providing jobs and training in online retail as KSA aims to reach its objective of growing modern trade and e-commerce to 80% of the retail sector by 2020 (from 20% in 2016).

Muhra Khalid Mohamed, one of the first interns to be taken on by noon, is a 23-year-old Communication Media Science student at Zayed University in Dubai. She is excited to learn about noon as a local brand, e-commerce and digital development in the Middle East.

“Beyond just a memorable logo, successful local businesses are an inspiration to other small businesses. As a truly local e-commerce brand, noon is an exciting prospect for a student looking to learn more about the industry and digital future of the region.”

Each individual will be assigned a noon buddy and mentor, learning on-the-job skills through assignments and projects. They will also face real-life business issues that require elements of independent thinking and cross-functional teamwork to come up with viable solutions. In groups, they will present to noon’s senior management who will assess the teams before providing feedback and valuable advice, helping individuals to learn and develop.

“An internship at noon is an opportunity for both young talent in the region and ourselves to learn,” says Faraz Khalid, CEO of noon. “We are a hungry, fast-paced startup with ambitions. Our interns will have the opportunity to not only learn from highly experienced and passionate mentors but to also contribute ideas and skills whilst running independent projects, giving them a unique chance to help shape the future of e-commerce in the region.”

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