22 Jul 2024 03:19

Advertising & Marketing

Reworld Media and Chalhoub Group announce Joint Venture

Joint venture brings together the Chalhoub Group’s Middle East expertise with Reworld Media strong knowledge in content creation to offer young & modern consumers innovative and localized content.

Reworld Media, a leading multichannel media Group, and Chalhoub Group, the leading partner for luxury across the Middle East, announced a joint venture agreement to develop a new data-driven business model for content creation and distribution in the Middle East region.

With strong presence in France & Europe, Reworld Media builds relationships between consumers and brands through an innovative editorial process, content creation and performance-oriented campaigns. The Group strongly believes in supporting its partners to target specific audiences on specific content distribution channels.

Chalhoub Group partnership with Reworld Media marks a new step toward achieving the Group’s digital transformation strategy and is in total alignment with its customer centric approach. It will increase and expand the Group’s current offering for the modern Middle Eastern consumer that is young, tech-savvy and digitally connected.

Pascal Chevalier, President of Reworld Media, said: “We strongly believe in the content strategy to improve brand reputation and build trust with the consumer. We had a successful experience in launching our activities in South East Asia which is a very dynamic and young region in terms of content consumption and we are very excited in expanding in the Middle East, quite similar market and very strategic one. We didn’t want to enter the Middle East without partnering with a local player. Hence, we are very motivated to join forces with the Chalhoub Group, for its expertise, regional coverage, knowledge of the market as well as the local consumer and trends.”

Patrick Chalhoub, CEO of Chalhoub Group, commented: “Given the increasingly evolving attitudes towards digital and our own internal culture of constant innovation, we have embarked on a journey that gives today’s modern youth a voice, and brands a platform to reach and engage with them. By combining Reworld Media’s transformative media solutions with Chalhoub Group’s decades of expertise in the region, we are able to deliver an innovative & localized offer made for the region, from the region, where Arab youth can find their voice, self-expression, inspiration and above all be entertained.”

This joint venture agreement will lead to the launch of highly innovative media platforms and solutions in the Middle East in the short term.

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