16 Jul 2024 18:38

Advertising & Marketing

Interactive TV Marketing Solution Helps SMEs Grow their Business in UAE

Smarty International; the world’s leading interactive TV marketing solution provider, is proud to announce the global launch of its breakthrough advertising technology in Dubai, UAE. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, Smarty offers an efficient and affordable solution for SMEs and entrepreneurs to interact directly with their customers to help grow their business. 

For the first time in the world, TV viewers will have the privilege of selecting which ad categories they wish to see and the frequency of appearance, all without interrupting the streaming of the content they are viewing. Viewers will also be paid for watching the ads and will have the opportunity to shop directly from their TV screens choosing from a variety of unmatchable offers and deals.

Commenting on the occasion, Faris Abouhamad, Managing Director of Smarty International stated: “Smarty is the ideal business partner and only provider to offer an efficient and affordable interactive TV advertising and marketing solution for SMEs. According to Ministry of Economy, the SMEs sector represents more than 94 per cent of the total number of companies operating in the country. In Dubai alone, SMEs make up nearly 95 per cent of all companies and contributing around 40 per cent to Dubai’s GDP. SMEs are clearly the engine of growth for the local economy and we aim to actively support and encourage them to further grow their business.”

“Using breakthrough technology, Smarty, not only helps empower SME businesses, but also enriches customer experience, and is the only provider that respects customer privacy and data and rewards them for their attention and interaction,” added Abouhamad.

SME businesses can place non-intrusive ads to appear on every channel on live and streaming TV without the burden of heavy production and airing costs. They have the added advantage of geo-targeting their customers based on their locations, which allows for a more focused and direct reach of their ads. Smarty also allows viewers and advertisers to interact with each other directly from the set top box allowing for a higher engagement level on TV.

“Being the new global capital for innovation, we were keen on choosing Dubai for the global launch of our new innovative solution. Smarty is always ahead in the game and dedicated to creating innovative solutions that supports a modern way of living, which falls in line with the UAE government’s national innovation strategy and vision,” stated Abouhamad.

Smarty offers a smarter shopping experience for consumers who prefer a modern lifestyle, through a user-friendly platform that is easy to use effortlessly. It uses cutting-edge technology that expands businesses and viewers’ capabilities and limits and offers its customers measurable results.

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