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The Psychology of Success

When  it  comes  to  the  psychology  of  success,  the  first  thing  you  need  to  ask  yourself  is  why  you  want  to  be successful.  By  success,  I refer to  achieving something  in  your  life  that  you  currently aspire towards.  What is emotionally  driving  you  towards  it?  You  might  say  you  want  a  “pay  rise”,  or  “more free time”  however  these  are objectives, as opposed to the fundamental reason why. The “why” is what you need to consider, it is your emotional driver  behind your objectives. For example, the true  reason  for  wanting  that  pay  rise  may be  because  you  have a young family and wish to build a beautiful home for them to create unforgettable childhood memories in, or being able to spend more precious time with your family whom you may rarely see due to work.  It’s  these  emotion-based reasons that  direct  and  push  us  forwards and always deserve reflection to meet our aspirations. 

High  Level  Goal  Setting

Another facet of the psychology of success is high-level  goal setting. It is easy for us to  set goals and not actually stick to them. We are all guilty of writing down a long list of new year’s resolutions, only to find that within a few weeks our good intentions are long forgotten. I believe this transpires when we overwhelm ourselves with the pressure of multiple goals that only serve to drag  us down. This  is why  I  recommend  “high  level”  goal setting.  That is, identifying what  are  the  most important  things you really  want  to  achieve within 6 – 12 months, and write them down. In order to achieve the high level goals you have written down, your next order of business is to come up with the actionable steps  that bring you closer towards  them. 


You  must  believe in you.  You must believe you are capable of achieving your goals, worthy of success, and have trust in your positive traits and abilities to get to where you want to be.  It is about having  an  inner  confidence that you deserve the things that you want in life. You  might  desire  that  dream  home, exciting holidays, more time with your family,  but  what  prevents  you  from  attaining  these things can be self-doubt and self-sabotage.  It is that quiet yet convincing inner  voice telling  you don’t  deserve  it,  a  fear  of  success  because “I  am  not  good enough”.  The  reason  the majority of  people  don’t  become  successful  is  that  they  fear  one  of  two things: 

●They  won’t  become  successful  and  will  let  themselves  down 

●They  won’t  know  what  to  do  with  themselves  if  they  do  become  successful 

Your  environment

The  way  you  overcome  these  fears  is  by  surrounding  yourself  with  people  you  aspire  to  be  like.  In  some  way  I  feel this  is  the  most  important  part  of  the  psychology  of  success.  Observing  the  individuals  a  person  spends  most  of  their  time with  is  usually an accurate indicator of where  that  person  is   in life. You  are  the product of your environment.  Yet your environment is also a product of you. Meaning proactive people, who tend also to be successful people, will recognise if their environment is not suitably geared toward their goals, and they will change it.   

If you have big dreams, there is no other way to achieve them than via setting high-level  goals. It is imperative you  find  the  self-belief  to put one foot in front of the other, take control of your environment, surround  yourself  with  individuals who inspire you and drive you forward, and remain completely focused on the life you want. 

Words by Ebraheem Al Samadi, CEO & Founder of Forever Rose 

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