14 Jun 2024 23:50

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Memac Ogilvy unveils new Cairo office as part of major Egypt reshuffle

Award-winning agency reaffirms its commitment to Egypt one week after its global re-founding 

Regional creative powerhouse Memac Ogilvy yesterday unveiled its new Cairo office as part of a major restructure in Egypt. 

The award-winning, global agency has moved house to Maadi, next to Technology City. The change comes as part of Memac Ogilvy’s ongoing commitment to modernizing its services in Egypt, and follows the company’s worldwide re-founding, announced last week. 

Both Regional and global leaders were present at the unveiling event, as well as a list of valued clients, suppliers and staff. Ogilvy’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer for EMEA, Paul O‘ Donnell, Memac Ogilvy Chairman, Edmond Moutran, Chief Executive Officer for MENA, Patou Nuytemans, and Regional Director of PR & Influence and Acting Managing Director of Egypt, Saada Hammad all attended. The event fell off the back of a significant regional management meeting in Cairo, which also included Memac Ogilvy’s broader leadership team.

“Egypt has long been an important market for us, and we’re proud of the influential history we have here, from the launch of the New Suez Canal, to the Egypt Post, to Cairo’s Ministry of Finance,” said Mr. Moutran, Memac Ogilvy Chairman. “Today, the nation is going through significant growth measures, which is vastly important from a social, economic, and cultural perspective. This is an era we are committed to playing a key role in. Our 20 year history in the country allowed us to recognize the opportunities that exist, and we intend on contributing through our talented resources, services, and operations,” he added. 

Last week, Worldwide Ogilvy CEO, John Seifert, announced the agency’s re-founding after 70 years of award-winning operations. The company reinvented its approach through a new client-centric, integrated structure that centralizes its offerings. The changes were reflected through a refreshed logo and website, as part of a transformation known as Next Chapter. 

Egypt has been identified as a key market for rolling out Next Chapter, given the market opportunities, and Memac Ogilvy’s rich history of influential work in the country. It will bring its new Operating System and restructure to its Cairo team, as well as announce a number of exciting new hires from Egypt’s unique and extensive talent pool.

Saada Hammad, current Acting Managing Director for Memac Ogilvy in Egypt, said, “I’m constantly surprised by the incredible talent and passion in the Egyptian market, helping to carry forward the nation’s economic growth ambitions. We believe the country has the skills to help us further innovate our services, and successfully roll-out Ogilvy’s Next Chapter strategy, putting clients at the heart of our business, and making brands matter.”

It’s business as usual from the new offices for Memac Ogilvy, as it continues operations of more than two decades in Egypt alone. One of the company’s long-term characteristics has been its ability to modernize and adapt to current market trends, and bring its clients with it. Egypt’s transformation is one of its most exciting projects of potential to date, and the new approach, structure and office put it in the ideal position to realize such opportunities. 

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