14 Jun 2024 23:51

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Revealed: The top 5 most popular car brands in the UAE

Three of the top five best selling car brands in the UAE are from Japanese car manufacturers, according to 2017 search data from Dubicars.com.

UAE customers prefer budget friendly vehicles with space for the whole family, but luxury vehicles still find a place on the list.

There are dozens upon dozens of automotive brands from across the globe in all shapes and sizes on sale across the UAE. Dubicars.com crunched the numbers to reveal the most popular.

Of 53,700 vehicles listed for sale in 2017, Toyota reigns supreme with 23% of Dubicars.com users searching for the iconic Japanese brand. Of all the models Toyota produces, the mighty desert-friendly Land Cruiser proved popular amongst users, as did the smaller Prado.

Mercedes-Benz was the only German manufacturer in the top five, commanding  12.4% of searches, despite advertising almost double the number of cars Toyota offers in general. Of all Mercedes vehicles available, the sophisticated S-Class was the favourite.

“The wide range of products and prices matching the market segment’s needs is the reason Mercedes is so favoured by residents of the UAE, along with the durability factor and the robust technological features, which German manufacturers are famous for,” says Dubicars Sales Director, Ramy Mrad.

Nissan comes in at a close third with 11.2% of users seeking the prolific Japanese brand that has been in the UAE for five decades. The iconic Patrol and Patrol Safari caught the most attention.

Lexus ranked fourth with 8.5% of searches, with the most popular model the upscale LX 570. Although it may be perceived as a luxurious alternative to the Land Cruiser, the LX series can hold its own in soft sands.

Rounding out the top five is another non-Japanese brand: Hyundai caught 6.0% of search volume in 2017. The Tucson SUV was heavily sought after due to its versatility. While it may not be the ideal car for the desert, it is a cheaper alternative for school runs.

Of 102 unique manufacturers, 97 car brands made up 38.9%. Of those 97, Dubicars.com analysts noted Tesla, Aston Martin, and Maserati all saw significant growth over the 12-month period.


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