26 May 2024 09:25

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Retail and Hospitality Represent the UAE’s Fastest Growing Industries

LinkedIn, the world’s leading professional network with more than 560 million members, released data today about the UAE’s fastest growing industries over the past 15 years, with retail and hospitality industries taking the top spots. The data comes as the company celebrates its 15-year anniversary since its inception. The networking giant released data about the UAE’s top industries, reflecting on the changes and journey the country has taken over the past 15 years. Since 2003, the UAE has undergone a dramatic transformation and industries has taken great leaps and bounds to reach today’s successes where the UAE is now a global hub of business and commerce. The anniversary also coincides with LinkedIn reaching the 25-million-member milestone in MENA.

UAE Top 10 fastest-growing industries over past 15 years:

1. Retail

2. Hospitality

3. Hospital & health care

4. Food & beverages

5. Marketing and advertising

6. Civil engineering

7. Construction

8. Education management

9. Airlines/aviation

10. Information technology & services

Global Top 10 fastest-growing industries over past 15 years:

1. Internet

2. Computer games

3. Outsourcing/offshoring

4. Online media

5. Staffing & recruiting

6. Renewables and environment

7. E-learning

8. Program development

9. Health, wellness & fitness

10. Event services

“The UAE has witnessed dramatic growth in industry over the past 15 years. It’s no surprise to see retail, hospitality, hospital and healthcare, F&B and marketing and advertising at the forefront of the list. The UAE is spearheading these industries through innovation and has established itself as a global industry hub. With the best international and local talent working in the UAE the reason behind this success is clear. Looking at the global fastest-growing industries, these are focused around IT, internet businesses, sustainability and wellness. If we look towards the next 15 years we predict digital jobs will become one of the fastest growing sectors in the UAE,” said Ali Matar, Head of LinkedIn Middle East and North Africa.

“UAE professionals will need to equip themselves with the right skills for roles in technology – specifically the technology that will be transforming business models across all industries. While we look to the future we are also proud to announce that we have reached the 25-million-member milestone in MENA. With our goal of creating an economic opportunity for every member in the workforce we look forward to seeing how our breadth of talented members will help us to achieve this goal. We encourage all members to connect with relevant professionals to increase their industry networks and therefore professional opportunities,” he added.

LinkedIn opened its first office in the MENA region in 2012 in Dubai which serves as a regional headquarters to members and customers. In 2017, LinkedIn released data which ranked UAE members as the most connected in the world with an average of more than 200 connections per individual. There are over three million members on LinkedIn from the UAE.

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