18 Jun 2024 04:34

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Brand Creative launches new brands through a visual journey

The international branding and design agency creates memorable brands with their multidisciplinary approach

Bringing avant garde design to blank spaces across the globe, Brand Creative is an award-winning branding and design agency. Headquartered in Dubai, with a branch office in India, the company will be launching a new branch in Toronto soon. 

The branding and interior design company offers a host of services such as brand strategy, interior design and graphic design. Boasting a diverse portfolio with seven years of experience, the company creates environmental design work that captures its audiences’ senses and successfully increases client sales and brand exposure in return. Pushing the boundaries on conventional design, Brand Creative’s innovative techniques distinguish it from industry competitors.

“Brand Creative provides the design field with a rarity – a niche skill and craft of utilizing both graphic and interior design principles that transforms the customer’s experience within an immersive space,” states Creative Director, Carla Conte. 

“Every touch point is an opportunity to infuse brand tactics and messages and we ensure this is achieved by involving our graphics team into the conceptualizing of our 3D spaces”, she continues.

One of Brand Creative’s recent noteworthy projects include Rossano Ferretti Abu Dhabi, which won the INDEX Award 2018 in the “Best Healthcare/Wellness Design Project” category. The agency enhanced the signature salon’s brand image by fusing together elements of local culture and modern aesthetics.

Showcasing Brand Creative’s talent in environmental graphic design, Yeotown Kitchen in London is also a recently launched project which has captured the attention of consumers and bloggers alike. The agency’s interior and graphic design teams collaborated to create Yeotown Kitchen’s interior space, packaging, uniforms, illustrations, and overall visual identity.

Al Khayyat Investments, NStyle International, Landmark Group, Lulu Group International and other beauty and retail leaders make up Brand Creative’s client portfolio.  Some of these brands have been working with the company since its launch in 2011. Not being industry specific, Brand Creative has projects in multiple sectors but has extensive experience in retail, food and beverage, beauty and wellness and leisure and entertainment. 

Regardless of project type, Brand Creative believes the seamless combination of environmental design and graphic design are the cornerstone of an unforgettable customer experience and brand storytelling.

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