18 Jun 2024 04:28

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Introducing Flochat – UAE’s Local Messenger

Disrupting the instant messenger arena with integrated lifestyle solutions and a sophisticated AI, Flochat allows users to Chat, Book, Order, and Transact all in one app  

Flochat, an evolved messaging platform allowing users to chat and use popular third-party apps and services to book, order, transact, browse and share content, is now available in the UAE. The app and its AI component, made intelligent through extensive use of machine learning and natural language understanding technologies, is spearheading conversational commerce, offering users a degree of convenience, integration, and easy access to daily service needs. 

Flochat has seen strong traction since launching in October 2017 with over 10,000users secured within the first six months of availability. In the first quarter of 2018, Flochat user activity has grown by 20% month-on-month. Message sharing has also soared, with 200% increase in January 2018, in comparison to December 2017. The majority of users fall between the 25–34 age range, however there has been an increase of downloads amongst younger age brackets in the recent months. 

Flochat is where users can virtually make plans, interact through a unique set of photos and messaging options, utilize a number of services from partners including making food orders on Zomato, booking deals on Groupon, scheduling a ride with Careem or Uber, searching for content on Bing and watching videos with friends on Youtube. More brands are partnering with FLOCHAT and will be announced in Q2 of 2018.

The most popular feature of FLOCHAT is the app’s innovative AI companion Floda. Floda, the resident virtual assistant chatbot, has the power to adopt to user behavior and preferences, identifies user-intent classification and has the ability to switch context. 15% of users interact with Floda by requesting information, bookings and organizing activities. 

Stitch, is another unique feature which is reinventing the selfie. Stitch fuses different selfies together in a single frame to create a fun new way of sharing multiple moods in a single photo. Other popular features of FLOCHAT include EmoGIFS, diverse audio and video filters, unlimited Edit and Delete options on sent messages and Youtube video share on chat with more planned for introduction throughout 2018. 

“We are very excited to have introduced Flochat to consumers in the UAE. This market is at the forefront of harnessing and fostering innovation and with Flochat, we are elevating the standard of what is known as instant messaging and creating a huge habit and behavioral change. Flochat is the disrupter in a segment which has seen little change in the last 8 years and is changing the existing set norms of communication,” commented Zoya Bilgrami, Managing Director of Flochat in UAE.

As one of the top 10 startups voted at STEP Conference 2018, Flochat will be making waves in the messaging world throughout this year which businesses will be watching closely.  

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