27 May 2024 09:39

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The Cigna Wellbeing App™ Leverages Power of Digital for Healthcare in Middle East

The app offers simple remote access to more than 110 licensed doctors worldwide, and provides customers access to library of tools to take control of their health and well-being.

Cigna Corporation (NYSE:CI), a global health services company, announced the launch of the Cigna Wellbeing App today, bringing a personalized wellness approach to its customers in the Middle East and reinforcing the company’s commitment to health and wellness services innovation.

The app features tools and resources designed to help customers with all their wellness needs. These include a biometrics tracking dashboard, an extensive health library containing articles and recipes, general health assessments, targeted health and personality assessments that drive app functionality and create personalized programs for the user, and online lifestyle coaching across the health spectrum. Offering access to information about managing chronic conditions and even connecting with a doctor or specialist via phone or video, the comprehensive app gives users access to a myriad lifestyle management tools. *

“Cigna continues to drive engagement through innovative and highly integrated healthcare experiences that can help improve customer health outcomes. We are proud to be the first global insurer to launch a telehealth service in the region, empowering our customers to seek medical consultation on the go,” said Art Cozad, CEO of Cigna Insurance Middle East. He continued, “No app on the market offers this depth of offerings in a readily accessible format.”

The latest trend in the healthcare industry, apps are being increasingly used to encourage people to conveniently and proactively manage their health needs. The impact of digital technology on the healthcare industry is reinforced by the findings of the 2017 Cigna 360 Well-Being Survey, where 57 percent of UAE respondents said that they would be willing to share health data with insurance companies and 34 percent indicated a willingness to use a health app to measure their health and fitness goals.

Cozad added, “Our market insights correlate with the reality on-ground. With over 200 percent smartphone penetration in the UAE and close to 100 percent in the rest of the region, this app provides what we know our customers are looking for together with the tools that we know patients need to improve their health.”

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