12 Jul 2024 20:37

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Bayt.com Launches Branding Platform

Only 40% of job seekers think it is easy to access information on company culture and environment when applying for jobs

Bayt.com, the Middle East’s #1 job site, announced today the launch of its all-new employer branding platform designed to help companies of all sizes, locations, and industries distinguish themselves as ideal employers for jobseekers in the region. The platform will help satisfy companies’ increasing needs to target segments and attract the most suitable candidates, as well as highlight their mission and vision, showcase their workplace, and build meaningful connections with potential employees. 

According to Bayt.com’s 2017 ‘Ideal Workplace in the Middle East and North Africa’ survey, ‘good ethics and practices’ and ‘friendly company culture’ are the top two qualities that attract jobseekers to a company. However, only two in five jobseekers think it is easy to access information about a company’s culture and environment when applying for a job. 

“Launching the Bayt.com Branding Platform is a major turning point in online recruitment, as it will be a valuable tool for companies to create an employer brand that appeals to jobseekers and enhances the hiring process for everyone involved,” said Suhail Masri, VP of Employer Solutions, Bayt.com. “Our recent Ideal Workplace Survey indicated that there is an increasing demand from jobseekers for more information on potential employers and their company culture; and in the same vein, there is a demand for companies to gather an online following that they can target to help them identify top talent and fulfill their hiring needs.”

According to the Ideal Workplace Survey, online company pages targeting jobseekers are reported as one of the best ways to promote company culture. In terms of the information sought by jobseekers, ‘company benefits and perks’ followed by ‘employee testimonials and reviews’ are most likely to excite potential employees to join a company. 

Masri adds: “Our new Branding Platform provides companies with access to the largest professional database in the MENA region, as well as guided tools to help them build and showcase their employer brands in a way that aligns with jobseeker expectations, so they can set themselves apart as an employer of choice.”

Beyond providing access to an enormous database of over 31 million CVs, 100,000 of which are new or refreshed each week on Bayt.com, companies can also utilize branding assets and visuals that bring out their unique characteristics for jobseekers. With over 30 filters to select the ideal audience, a range of pre-set talent segments, and an ample selection of campaign and branding tools, companies using the Bayt.com Branding Platform can access the newest, most relevant, and most serious talent available in the region.

The Bayt.com Branding Platform allows companies to target custom audiences through tailor-made ads with premium placement and homepage integration, as well as the ability to create custom mailers and set ad impressions, among many other features. Employers will be able to showcase their brand and culture, highlight projects, updates, workspace, and employees with a fully customizable template designed to engage viewers from multiple angles.

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