23 Jun 2024 04:51

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Renaming “Parenthood” In Arabic With A New Word: Al Umobuwah

To kickoff this year’s Mother’s Day in the Middle East, Babyshop, a leading Middle East retailer, along with its agency, FP7 DXB, has created a new Arabic word: Al Umobuwah.

Arabic contains a variety of words that stem from paternal-centered roots, including the word for “parenthood”. Written “ةوبالا “and pronounced “Al Obuwah”, it translates into “fatherhood”, omitting mention of the mother.

To represent a brand that stands for “Celebrating parenthood”, the agency worked with a team of Arabic linguists to introduce a new Arabic word to include mothers and fathers. “ةوبومألا ,“pronounced “Al Umobuwah” translates into “Motherhood & Fatherhood”, and gives both parents equal representation in the word.

With the introduction of Al Obuwah, Babyshop wishes to recognize and celebrate mothers not just for Mother’s Day, but for every other day.

An online video launched to share the idea and purpose behind the campaign, features people who have embraced and used the word. Over 30 influencers have signed onto the idea and will be sharing it across their social media platforms. The word will also be shared across schools. A new clothing line titled “Al Umobuwah” has been launched for toddlers, infants, kids, teens and adults with a show planned to introduce the collection.

The campaign will include in-store and out-of-store interactive experiences, to get people acquainted with the word, eventually aimed at getting this word into the Arabic dictionary.


Brand: Babyshop

Agency: FP7 Dubai

Brand Team: Ruban Shanmugarajah, Deepak Mahnot, Mitin Chakraborty, Dina Barakat,

Creative Team: Tahaab Rais, Kartik Aiyar, Katarina.Vasilj, Fanny Abi Rached, Maher


Strategy Team: Tahaab Rais, Moushami Bhattarcharya Dighe, Anna Sadykova

Design Team: Mohammed, Erol Salcinovic

Account Team: Nima Askari, Vicky Kriplani, Marine Deneufbourg

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