23 May 2024 19:38

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Gunn Report introduces major changes

Launch of Gunn 100 & new methodology

Major changes are being introduced to Gunn Report, the global index of creative excellence in advertising, to reflect the way the industry is evolving.

Gunn Report, which came under ownership of global marketing intelligence company WARC at the end of 2016, will be re-launched next month as part of the integration of Gunn Report into WARC.

The most significant change will be the introduction of Gunn 100. From this year, the renowned Gunn Report rankings, identifying the most creative ads, agencies and brands based on their performance in creative awards shows around the world, will be produced in alignment with the prestigious WARC 100 – WARC’s annual rankings of campaigns and companies based on their performance in effectiveness and strategy awards.

Gunn 100 will consist of a ranking of the 100 best creative ideas in the world, regardless of their communication discipline. This replaces the previous channel-specific rankings of film, print & out of home, digital and ‘all gunns blazing’, to reflect the rise of cross-channel campaign ideas and their success in awards shows.

The Gunn 100, as well as ranking the world’s top 100 creatively awarded campaigns, will also include the world’s top 50 creative agencies, agency networks, brands, advertisers, countries and top holding companies.

These listings will continue to be compiled by analysing the results of over 40 of the world’s best global, regional and local creative awards shows. The awards shows tracked will remain confidential to avoid prejudicing entries to competitions.

A new methodology is being introduced to calculate the rankings. Points are earned based on the metal of the award: bronze (or equivalent) = 2 points; silver = 4 points; gold = 6 points; Grand Prix = 10 points. The points are weighted according to the rigour and prestige of the competition, determined by a survey of creative leaders on the competitions they prioritise.

Emma Wilkie, managing director of Gunn Report, says: “This is an exciting new chapter for Gunn Report. The industry and the awards shows have evolved considerably since The Gunn Report was first launched in 1999, and the key changes we are implementing will reflect these industry transformations.”

Gunn Report 2018 will now be made up of Gunn 100 and WARC 100 (both launching in February) and Gunn Media 100 (launching in March), providing comprehensive, independent, global rankings for creativity, effectiveness and media. Gunn Report will continue to offer valuable research studies, signature features and a creative library of award winning work, available online by subscription.

Emma Wilkie added: “We’re particularly delighted with the new Gunn Report offering, which will be a one-stop place to find impartial and trustworthy information on the best creative, effectiveness and media ideas, agencies and brands from around the world.”

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