21 Jul 2024 05:14

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Almarai tops YouGov Best Brand Rankings in Saudi Arabia

Nokia receives biggest improvement in positive brand perception in the Kingdom for 2017

Almarai is the most positively perceived brand in Saudi Arabia for the third year running, while mobile giant Nokia has received the biggest improvement in positive brand perception, according to the latest Best Brand Rankings, released today by YouGov BrandIndex.

YouGov used Buzz scores to compile the rankings. Buzz is calculated by asking consumers daily if they have ‘heard anything positive or negative about a brand in the last two weeks, through advertising, news or word-of-mouth’. The rankings portray the 10 brands with the highest average Buzz score, and the largest Buzz score improvement over the past 12 months.

The largest vertically integrated dairy producer sits at the top of a rankings dominated largely by digital brands. WhatsApp, iPhone, Apple, Samsung, and YouTube all hold on to a top 10 spot from the year prior in second, third, fourth, sixth and seventh place respectively. Meanwhile Google and Samsung Galaxy re-enter the rankings in eighth and ninth place respectively, having missed out on the top 10 in 2016.

The Kingdom’s local fast food favourite, Al Baik, comes in fifth place this year having maintained fourth or fifth position in the top 10 Best Brands for the past six years, while Dettol debuts for the first time in tenth.

Meanwhile, three mobile heavyweights are making a marked improvement in brand sentiment in the Kingdom, with Nokia leading the way as the biggest Best Brand improver for 2017, followed by Samsung Galaxy in sixth place and Huawei in seventh on the most improved list.

Western Union and Al Rajhi Bank have also generated more positive chatter among consumers in the Kingdom of late in second and fourth place respectively. Google and Facebook are the most improved internet and social media brands in third and fifth, while Samsung, Bin Laden Group and Egypt Air round out the most improved brands in eighth, ninth and tenth place respectively.

KSA Top 10 Best Brand Rankings 2017

Rank      Brand

1            Almarai

2            WhatsApp

3            iPhone

4            Apple

5            Al Baik

6            Samsung

7            YouTube

8            Google

9            Samsung Galaxy

10          Dettol

KSA Top 10 Most Improved Best Brand Rankings 2017

Rank      Brand

1            Nokia

2            Western Union

3            Google

4            Al Rajhi Bank

5            Facebook

6            Samsung Galaxy

7            Huawei

8            Bin Laden Group

9            Samsung

10          Egypt Air

Scott Booth, Head of Data Products in MENA commented: “Buzz scores show how brands are resonating with consumers on a daily basis, and ultimately indicate to marketers the level and direction of recent brand exposure. In a market increasingly edging towards a digital-based economy, digital devices and media platforms form an integral part consumers’ daily lives. This trend is highlighted by the seven digital brands heading into 2018 in a strong position among consumers. However, Almarai, Al Baik and Dettol are proving you don’t have to be a digital brand to produce and execute a winning strategy to positively connect with consumers in today’s tech-savvy market, and they too have a strong start to the year.”

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