26 May 2024 08:54

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Entrepreneurs’ Organization UAE Chapter Hosts Learning Event with Skype Co-Creator

Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) UAE, the local chapter of a dynamic global network of entrepreneurs, hosted Jonas Kjellberg at the Viceroy Palm Jumeirah Hotel in Dubai. Over 70 EO members and their spouses attended this exclusive and private session that focused on how entrepreneurs can adapt their business models to create unique user experiences and encourage customers to share their enthusiasm for products as an important part of the sales process. 

A serial entrepreneur, tech start-up investor and author Jonas Kjellberg led a presentation on customer experience and improving product sales. Furthermore, he emphasized how delighting customers should be a vital concern for everyone throughout the business structure, from designers through to sellers. That is particularly important with the advent of disruptive technologies and the internet, whereby an opportunity has been created for companies to redefine tomorrow’s delight and reshape their business model by innovating around customer acquisition and creating a frictionless customer experience.

Key takeaways from the session were articulated through anecdotes from his personal experience working with Skype. In addition, Jonas addressed all aspects of contemporary business, both in the tech sector and elsewhere: from the specifics of sales, product, innovation, culture, and growth, to broader examinations of the business climate and entrepreneurship.

Sanjay Narang, President Entrepreneurs’ Organisation, commented: “Kjellberg’s engaging session reinforces the fundamental elements needed to drive success in today’s changing business environment. His unique outlook on growth strategies has provided new businesses and entrepreneurs with a guide to testing the durability of their business model, especially as they deal with rapid expansion and scaling. His insights on consumer acquisition and creating a winning sales culture will hopefully provide EO members with a different approach when developing their overall sales strategy.”

Jonas Kjellberg said: “My passion is destroying good business models. I think the reason I have been successful is because although I hate failure, I embrace risk – that’s the difference.”

EO UAE has now been active for over a decade and counts 90 members who are all business owners from various different professional and cultural backgrounds. EO has various different facets of helping members evolve whether it be via various different formats of formal learning events, peer-to-peer exchanges or international exchanges that can happen at global EO events

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