23 May 2024 20:18

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Traveller funding her wanderlust with AirWayBill

Meet Nada Al Nahdi, a 24-year old Indonesian/Yemeni woman born and raised in Saudi Arabia. She’s not your typical traveller from the Gulf. In her few short years, she’s singlehandedly taken trips to 19 countries, and she’s travelled on a low budget while holding down a full-time job!

How did she manage to do so? According to her, it took a lot of planning as she also spent a great deal of time searching for applications and tools that would help her go on as many affordable trips as she possibly can. With a lot of resourcefulness, heart and the right passion, courage and determination for it, her dream to roam and discover the world has become a reality. And she is now influencing other young women like her to do exactly the same.

During her search for applications that could help her fund her travels or make them cheaper, she found apps like Airbnb that helped her reduce costs but not the quality of her experience, and just recently while Nada was searching on Facebook, she found a way to not only minimize costs but actually earn enough to fund a trip, and that was AirWayBill.

Seeing AirWayBill’s featured carrier on our Facebook page, and a few of our posts here and there, she decided to try the app, browse through the items that needed to be delivered, only to find herself encouraged enough to offer to buy and carry some of them. This caused her to earn a whopping $500 just for a single delivery from Madrid, Spain to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia– which she then used to fund another one of her travels.

“Had I known about AirWayBill sooner, I could have paid for my Tokyo trip– or any of my previous ones– with my earnings from the app!  It was extremely easy to use as it has a very clear and friendly user interface. On my next trip to Lebanon, I will definitely be using AirWayBill to see if there are items that need delivery.” Nada shares.

Lately, Nada has started blogging about her trips and hacks on how to travel cheap.  She has been documenting how a woman who grew up in Saudi Arabia and only dreamed of exploring the world beyond her borders gained courage through her friends and made her dream a reality. She wants to tell everyone, especially women, that the world is not a scary place. In fact, it’s beautiful and amazing; you just have to have a bit of courage, some resourcefulness, street smarts, and applications like AirWayBill to help you take it on.

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