18 Jun 2024 02:52

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Re-Designing the Future of Dubai Financial Market

Medy Navani, Creative Director and Founder of Dubai-based architecture and interior design firm Design Haus Medy (DHM), is the brilliant mind behind the recent re-design of Dubai Financial Market (DFM), which has fast developed into a leading financial market across the region.

Navani and his team at DHM studio conceptualised the dramatic re-design of this iconic location, whose ongoing efforts and strategic initiatives have further reinforced Dubai as a centre of excellence. DHM executed the major re-design project from start to finish across a four-year timeline, commencing in April 2013 with the official completion and handover date in April 2017. 

Located in the Rashid Tower of the Dubai World Trade Centre, the original DFM first launched its activities in March 2000 as the first stock exchange in the UAE. The vision behind the re-design was to further enhance DFM’s position as a powerful capital market hub which embraces international best practices to meet the evolving needs of its investors both locally and internationally.

Navani said considering the huge role DFM played in the economics of one of the most promising cities in the world, and given its prestigious position, DHM was briefed to carefully consider the importance of attracting the younger generation to the market and to conceptualise a design which enhanced awareness of business among the new Emirati generation.  

“With this in mind, our design concept was based on the idea of “youth, high tech, and future”, our biggest challenge being the execution of a complete redesign project in a site which never stops operation. The design experience starts at the main entrance, which synchronises a spaceship effect to immerse the visitor or investor in an atmosphere or ‘future impression’ from the moment they enter the market place.”

Commenting on the re-design project, Shyrose Osman, Vice President Head of Corporate Communications and Business Development, Dubai Financial Market, said: “The Design Haus Medy team supported the transformation of the Dubai Financial Market towards becoming a ‘Smart Borse’’, reflecting the DFM’s position as a powerful capital market hub in the region, and its brand values including ‘innovation’ and ‘efficiency’.  We thank Design Haus Medy for their expertise in design coupled with the high professionalism and dedication shown throughout the project”.

The new DFM layout is complete with a hyper-modern, fully customized sofa sets designed to be smart but comfortable, ensuring the investor is relaxed while keeping his attention on business. In the corners of the trade hall, two main design features were created and named “The Hot Zones”. The “Hot Zones” are circular, intelligent sofa workstations, where investors are encouraged to carry out business in the most efficient way possible. The seating is also integrated with portable tablets for the investors to use without the need to bring his own.

The flooring has been completely covered with custom designed carpet which draws an “infinity” symbol across the whole trade floor, representing DFM’s non-stop work engine. The trade floor has also been enhanced with interactive screens surrounding the hall, allowing customers to trade or access any of DFM’s services with ease. The customer service area has been enhanced with fully customised intelligent desks and waiting chairs that have tablets attached, allowing the customer to access the system and book appointments from any place they are in.

The DFM is the first financial market to have offered its shares through an IPO in the Middle East, and this reflects the leading role played by the Emirate of Dubai in selling shares of governmental institutions in the region. Among all developed countries, UAE and specifically the city of Dubai, has demonstrated leadership and uniqueness in its progress and financial achievements reached in the past few years.

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