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Be Unique Group Awarded Top Google AdWords Partner Agency in Middle East

When it comes to online advertising, the search engine giant Google has completely taken the world by storm. Now if you want to research, learn, watch, buy etc. everyone immediately goes to Google with the power of the entire internet shown instantly. Currently over 40,000+ people search on Google every second; and now with the power of Google AdWords, businesses of any size are able to market themselves and appear at the fore-front of these searches.

Over the last five to six years the search engine has grown at a tremendous scale, Google AdWords is the biggest source of revenue and profits for Google currently. Previously companies used to promote themselves via flyers, newspaper and radio ads; now, it has changed. People want to do background checks and research more about companies/services online – giving rise to Google AdWords. Previously the ratio of advertising spend was 80-90% offline media, this has gone into a complete reverse with businesses now hardly spending any marketing on outdoor and print media – now solely pushing to online advertising.

Whether companies are looking at generally more visibility or getting more sales & the phone ringing, Google AdWords has become the source of all businesses desires for growth. With the power to target customers locally and internationally in any country across the globe, Google AdWords allows businesses to target the right people exactly when their customers are looking for them. Saving the best for last, you only pay Google when you get results! Meaning only when someone actually clicks on your ad do you pay, you can start with any budget and work your way up depending on the success you see from your advertising.

In-order to help companies to manage their Google AdWords In Dubai  they’ve introduced a program called ‘Google Partners’. Google Partners are agencies with online marketing experts, certified by Google, to completely run AdWords campaigns. 

As leading business consultants based out of Dubai, Be Unique Group has grown to become one of the fastest emerging agencies in Dubai, UAE. Regarded by businesses as “marketing experts” they’ve proudly become recognized by Google as one of the top Google Partner Agencies in the Middle East.

Specializing in maximizing profits whilst reducing costs for specifically small to medium sized businesses, today Be Unique Group has officially opened two offices simultaneously in both Abu Dhabi, UAE and New York City USA to cope with expansion. 

“It’s been a true pleasure working with businesses from completely different industries to promote them online. There is no greater feeling seeing the power online advertising can do for businesses. Being initially formed in 2009 we strive to exceed our clients’ expectations every single day. 

Primarily majority of our clients come to us from recommendations and referrals and as long as we always continue to deliver on our word, every-time, we will continue to expand. We’re very grateful for this honor from Google to be considered a Google Premier Partner Agency.” Ali Soudi, Director, Be Unique Group.

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