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Entrepreneurs’ Organisation UAE Chapter hosts Marketing Accelerator learning event

Entrepreneurs’ Organisation (EO) UAE, the local chapter of the dynamic global network of entrepreneurs, hosted ‘Marketing 101’, one of a series of four annual accelerator learning, at Metropolitan Dubai Hotel. The two hours session was given by with Ruchir Punjabi, EO member and EO Accelerator Learning Chair. 

EO’s accelerator program aims to bring together like-minded young businesses which do a minimum revenue of US$ 250000, and help them over a period of 2 or 3 years accelerate their growth to get over US$ 1 million in order to become EO members. The program counts as of today 15 members.

The Marketing 101 session focused on the fundamentals and provided practical advices to young businesses. Key takeaways from the event included the difference between marketing and sales, the first things to do in marketing, how much should be allocated towards marketing in their business and what they should spend it on, and understanding how to measure return on marketing investment.

The session was closed by a panel discussion with three EO members during which attendees asked their questions and received practical learning.

Ruchir Punjabi, EO member and EO Accelerator Learning Chair, said: “Our Marketing 101 accelerator session aimed to provide young businesses an idea on what do the basics look like and teach them essential concepts. It’s all about sharing experiences which is part of our fabric. It’s crucial for their businesses to know what mistakes not to make as we help them accelerate their growth with our pool of 84 seasoned entrepreneurs at EO UAE chapter.”

Ruchir Punjabi is also the Founder and Chair of Langoor – a 200+ people digital agency with offices across Asia Pacific. Langoor helps medium and large organisations with their marketing.

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