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Google Selects comScore as Brand Safety Measurement Provider

Independent Verification to Provide Advertisers with Trusted and Transparent Reporting of YouTube

comScore today announced an initiative to work with Google to provide independent brand safety reporting of advertising campaigns on YouTube. This new collaboration is part of Google’s efforts to provide advertisers with greater visibility into the context in which their ads appear.

comScore uses a proprietary brand safety engine that is integral to its validated Campaign Essentials™ (vCE®) suite. This technology continuously monitors patterns within text content to identify the brand safety of a given ad context – both in general and for specific campaigns, on both mobile and desktop platforms.

“Monitoring online content for brand safety is a complex challenge, particularly in an environment that has the vast scale and growth of YouTube,” said Dan Hess, executive vice president of products at comScore. “We’re delighted to see Google taking further action to monitor and increase brand safety, and appreciate its vote of confidence in selecting comScore to be part of this initiative.”

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