23 May 2024 19:07

Advertising & Marketing

BlueGreen Launches into the Middle East

– Exclusive media owner of the recently launched Wi-Fi Abu Dhabi Taxi fleet

– Partnerships in place with Telematics and Etisalat

– Digital network to providea seamless user experience

BlueGreen has today officially begun operation in the Middle East with the opening of its office in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The digital media company will be targeting Smart Wi-Fi networks across the region in a number of locations to offer advertising agencies and brands alike a new innovative method to reach their audience.

The launch of BlueGreen mirrors the increasing demand for a digitally-inspired media network that can offer clients a unique method to take campaigns to market through BlueGreen’s innovative platform. BlueGreen’sstate-of-the-art platform affords users the creative autonomy to design thei rcampaign allowing creative departments the opportunity to build fully integrated digital campaigns.

For brand owners in the Middle East, BlueGreen also has the back-end functionality to tailor campaign’s in real time and with analytical tools, advertisers can measure effectiveness that will allow companies to customise their entire digital advertising strategy with new insight and data.

Chandika Chandras, Managing Partner at BlueGreen said, “With the region’s drive towards smart cities, free Wi-Fi networks form a major part of this transition. However, we all know the trials and tribulations of logging into some of these networks whether at a mall or an airport terminal, the user experience can sometimes be left wanting. With the launch of BlueGreen we aim to remove some of these barriers by doing away irrelevant content and painfully slow networks. The end-user’s experience is paramount and this is where we differ from others in the market.”

Jari Mattila, Managing Partnerat BlueGreen went onto add, “BlueGreen hasrecently signed an exclusive partnership with Telematics and Etisalat, that will see BlueGreen manage digital media services on their installed networks across the region. This follows our recent appointment by The Centre for Regulation of Transport by Hire Cars (formerly TransAd) in Abu Dhabi, to handle their digital media on their Smart Wi-Fi network across their entire fleet of taxi’s.”

BlueGreen along with its partners Telematics and Etisalat, have worked closely with the Centre to design this bespoke Smart Wi-Fi service, which, in addition to providing a secure and robust Wi-Fi network to passengers, will also offer Abu Dhabi, and indeed the UAE, the biggest mobile media service within taxis.

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