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Midas Award for Innovation Goes to FP7 / DXB and MediaVest Spark

McCann Worldgroup, FP7/DXB Dubai, and Mastercard Score Number One in Midas Rankings

2016 Midas Network, Agency and Brand Report Rankings Announced

The Midas Awards® for the World’s Best Financial Advertising℠ announced the 2016 Midas Award for Innovation and Midas Report rankings.

FP7 / DXB (A part of McCann Worldgroup) and MediaVest Spark earned the Midas Award for Innovation for “The AC Vests” for client Emirates NBD. This special award honors the highest scoring entry that showcases a leading-edge idea or execution.

The award-winning campaign’s strategic objective was to increase SME clients from the UAE’s construction industry for Emirates NBD. Since UAE temperatures soar up to 50C degrees, Emirates NBD created a new product to attract clients and address the challenge of extreme working conditions during the summer months—The AC Vests. This innovative product resulted in a +20.72% uptick in new-to-bank business accounts.

Tahaab Reis, Regional Head of Strategic Planning, FP7/DXB (A part of McCann Worldgroup) & MediaVest Spark had this to say about FP7/DXB earning the 2016 Midas Award for Innovation.

“The biggest oversight our industry should avoid when we talk about “innovation” is believing that it only implies the next big tech creation. That’s not entirely accurate. “Innovation” should be about authentic creative ideas that do use new technology but are not all about that technology. The technology should solve a human problem and have purpose at its core. So, we are very happy and excited to see that our collective work (as Emirates NBD, as FP7 and as MediaVest) has resulted in us being awarded the Midas Award for Innovation. It involved us, using an innovative fabric technology and overcoming several logistical barriers, to solve a business problem in a meaningful and purposeful way. The idea helped make workers’ lives a little bit better; it brought the brand respect and fame and also, grew the business in a key segment. We couldn’t ask for more! A big thank you to Midas Awards and to the judges.”

The Midas Report, launched in 2010, recognizes and ranks the most successful global companies in the financial and marketing communications industry. Earning a spot on the prestigious Midas Report solidifies an agency’s place as a leader in financial advertising and marketing. 2016’s Midas Report rankings include the Midas Agency and Brand Report, in addition to the newly added, Midas Network Report. 

The Midas Report creative ranking system is based on points earned for winning entries and provides a historical account of the highest ranking companies within the competition. Midas Report points for Midas Agency, Brand, and Network rankings are calculated as follows: King Midas Award, 9 points; Midas Award for Innovation, 7 points; Gold Ingot Award, 6 points; Silver Ingot Award, 4 points; and Finalist Certificate, 1 point.

For the first time in the history of the Midas Awards, Midas will honor global agency networks who have produced the most creative and measurably effective caliber of work on behalf of prominent brands, and whose entries have achieved the highest number of points earned. The Midas Network Report recognizes Agency Networks that are the foremost leaders in the world of financial advertising.

McCann Worldgroup earned the number one ranking in the first annual Midas Network Report, cumulatively achieving the most points in this year’s competition. Publicis Worldwide, earned the number two slot, followed by R/GA, Wunderman and Havas Worldwide.

“As a global marketing services network, McCann Worldgroup is privileged to work with many companies in the important financial services category,” said Devika Bulchandani, Managing Director of McCann’s NY agency. “Winning Midas’s prestigious Network honor is a tribute to the shared commitment of these clients and our company in working together to create effective communications that connects with consumers across a wide range of platforms and channels.”

Agencies from around the world competed for top spots in this year’s Midas Awards Agency Report; FP7/DXB Dubai (Part of McCann Worldgroup) was in the spotlight, ranking number one on the Midas Agency Report with a robust 190 points. McCann New York ranked number two this year with 90 points and the Jupiter Drawing Room (South Africa) Johannesburg earned the number three spot with 86 points.

Tarek Miknas, Group CEO, FP7/MENA (A part of McCann Worldgroup) added, “It’s always an honor for me to see brands from the region or work from the region that is recognized by reputable global institution. And Midas is just that. Judged by internationally recognized experts in financial communications, there is no greater honor for financial institutions than winning these accolades. As an agency network, we have strategically placed great efforts in securing our ranking from 9th place to 3rd place to the world’s most awarded agency globally in the last three years respectively. It’s through the trust of our clients that we were able to work together to achieve this ranking. I couldn’t be more proud.”

David Bell, Executive Creative Director for MercerBell Australia commented on their ranking success on the 2016 Midas Agency Report, the agency was honored with the number eight slot. “MercerBell is extremely proud to be acknowledged for a range of work across many of our key clients. The multiple awards we’ve won this year are testament to our strong financial services expertise and passion. To be recognized so highly for craft in two different campaigns goes to show the level of endeavour and care that has been put into these campaigns. Midas is, and will continue to be, an important award to win for both our clients and our staff.”

The Midas Brand Report, launched in 2015, recognizes the most effective and creative financial campaigns created on behalf of prominent brands around the globe. The Brand Report salutes innovative brands for their game-changing creative campaigns and the forward-thinking advertisers who approved these compelling campaigns and ranks them according to their achievements in the Midas Awards.

For the third year running, Mastercard scored first place with a staggering total 229 points in the Midas Brand Rankings due to the combined creative efforts of the following global agencies: FP7/DXB; McCann Canada, McCann XBC, McCann Worldgroup. Absa/ Barclays ranked second place for the third year in a row, they received 89 points for their innovative work created by Jupiter Drawing Room (South Africa) Johannesburg.  Emirates NBD, whose award-winning campaigns were created by FP7/DXB (Part of McCann Worldgroup), ranked third place for third consecutive year.

Award-winning agencies from around the globe expressed their appreciation for their brand’s recognition and ranking on the 2016 Midas Brand Report.

Vikram Krishna, Head – Group Marketing and Customer Experience, Emirates NBD, had this to say about Emirates NBD’s Midas Report Brand ranking, “It is an incredible honour to be ranked among the top three financial services brands in the world. Emirates NBD has gained reputation for delivering a benchmark experience, combining the latest of tech with the human touch to make banking easier and more accessible. We look forward to continuing to connect with our customers through creative products, services and campaigns that simplify their everyday lives.”

Joyce King Thomas, Chief Creative Officer of McCann XBC, added, “We are thrilled to have Mastercard work from around the world recognized by the Midas Awards. And to have three offices in the top five is a testament to our great clients globally.” 

To view the 2016 Midas Report, please visit: http://www.midasawards.com/pdf/MidasReport16.pdf.

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