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Middle East’s leading nut-maker Al Rifai ad goes viral

The internet is literally going nuts over front page ad by the Middle East’s leading nut-maker Al Rifai reacting to the swearing in of Donald Trump. The ad that appeared in the Daily Star yesterday alongside news of Trump’s inaugural was shared across the globe by advertising editors and fans and continues to go viral.

Tagged with a headline that reads: “The world has gone nuts”, the advert truly summarized the Middle East region’s sentiment towards the recent transition of power in the US. Though initially apprehensive about commenting on political developments, Al Rifai have become known for their bold and daring approach to advertising and felt the need to represent the public view on this matter.

Picked up by editors and media the world over, including AdWeek, Quartz, Brilliant Ads, Mad Over Marketing and Arab Ad; the ad went viral yesterday and reached 547 retweets per second with thousands expressing their admiration for the bold statement.

Created by République – a Beirut-based boutique agency – the viral campaign goes to show that newspapers and print media are not dead. Such results further validate the amazing impact brands can have when they engage in the world around them and that thanks to globalization, a simple local advert can address the entire planet and connect with audiences of all backgrounds and nationalities. 

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