12 Jul 2024 20:48

Advertising & Marketing

Grey MENA rolls out ‘The Love Story’ for Raffaello

Raffaello Middle East has become the first confectioner to launch a genuine love story from the region.

In a new campaign created by Grey MENA, the white chocolate praline from Ferrero becomes a conduit to love, asking consumers if they believe in love at first sight and whether they would make the first move.

The work of Grey’s Dubai office, ‘The Love Story’ tells of a young woman who follows her heart and takes the lead even when it comes to choosing her life partner. Raffaello further drives conversation by asking women in the region if you too would #followyourheart.

Culturally relevant and unassumingly romantic, the film is making its rounds on social media, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Agency Credits

Executive creative director: Vidya Manmohan

Associate creative director: Omaima Saad

Copywriter: Athina Afton

Art director: Khaled Ibrahim

Account director: Sonal Chaddha

Account executive: Justine Dib

Digital planner: Ayla Demoraes

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